Board Meeting Agenda 2015-09-21

agendaEliot Neighborhood Board Meeting Agenda
Monday September 21, 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
St Philip Deacon Episcopal Church
120 NE Knott Street

Facilitators: Sue Stringer and Jim Hlava
Board Members: Kristen and Pamela absent
NEED a Volunteer to Read July Minutes and Take Minutes

1. Welcome and Introduction (6:30-6:45)

Pair and Share Question: (Pair with new person and each have 3 minutes to share)

Think about the community groups or businesses you admire. What is most encouraging, reassuring or inspiring for you and how they are run? How is your life affected by the role that organization or business plays in the world?

2. Minutes Read and Approved (6:50)

3. Faubion K-8 School at Tubman School: Principal and Kimm Fox-Middleton (6:50–7:05)

4. Sue Stringer on Ne 7th and Russell and Newsletter Update and Ad Increases (7:10 PM)

5. Communications Update: Summer Outreach Report Jeri Bee (7:20 PM)

6. Garlington Development Team on MLK Cascadia and PSU Research Team (7:30-7:45)
Present: Jim Hlava, Development Lead; Amy Lewin, Kalindi Kapadi (Cascadia staff) and PSU Research Team on neighborhood development led by Greg Townley.

7. Albina Neighborhood Tree Team project Fiscal Sponsor Request (7:45-8:00)
Eliot has supported paying for trees with Friends of Trees with Neighborhood Livability funds. Last year, Jere Fitterman helped lead a Tree inventory team and they are now requesting for fiscal sponsorship for getting grant funds. The Board already okayed a letter of support for a Metro grant. We should discuss level of being a fiscal sponsor and if we need to have NECN handle this level of support.

8. NE Coalition Update or Land Use Update (8:00) (Joan Ivan and Clint or Allan if present)

9. Announcements and Comments (8:15 PM)

Volunteer Request: We have a neighbor who wants to restart the Beauty Team project of Trash containers throughout Eliot with our own Eliot Message sponsored by businesses. Please contact Angela Kremer for the contact person if you would like to volunteer.

General Membership Meeting October 19, 2015
Please consider Joining Eliot Board – Elections October 2015