General Membership Meeting Agenda 2015-10-19

agendaEliot Neighborhood General Membership Meeting Agenda
Monday October 19, 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
St Philip Deacon Episcopal Church
120 NE Knott Street

Angela Kremer, Chair, facilitator

1. Welcome and Introduction (6:30-6:40)

Welcome: This is a General Membership Meeting and Board Elections

Pair and Share Question: What roles should ENA have in welcoming new residents and businesses? Why is this important to you?

2. Minutes Read and Approved (6:50)

3. Police and Crime Abatement (6:45)

Officer invited from NE Precinct to update on current challenges and emergency preparedness

4. Land Use Report (6:55-7:10)

The Grant Warehouse Plans and Cascadia Development–plans for new housing and mixed-use on Northern part of MLK

5. 7th and Russell Traffic Calming Support Letter (Sue Stringer) (7:10-7:15)

Sue is requesting a support letter to adding traffic calming on this new housing development site.

6. Affordable Housing Discussion: (7:15-7:25)

Request brought from Eliot resident who is a member of the NE Affordable Housing subcommittee asking for 50% of Urban Renewal Funds to be dedicated across the Board to housing development.

Action: Request for signing on to a letter of support which other NE neighborhoods have added their names before Oct. 21 City Council hearing.

7. Retreat and Bylaws Discussion (7:45–8:00)

Issue to Discuss: Board has developed new practices that can be codified to our Bylaws. Process needs an owner on the Board willing to spend 1-2 hours changing language and drafting a recommendation.

Potential Action: Create a Bylaws Subcommittee
Potential Action: Outline charter of the Subcommittee to address Communications, Mission, and changes recommended by Nominations to the Bylaws to present to the Board.

8. Board Elections: Board will open nominations for new and existing Board members and Elect Board. Board Officers positions will be open and elections for Officers will be in November meeting.

9. Treasurer’s Report Discussion and Future Budgeting–Annie Reports 8:00-8:05

9. Tree Team Request for Fiscal Sponsorship and Report 8″05-8:15

9. Announcements and Comments (8:15 PM)

Adjourned estimate 8:30 PM


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