Board Meeting Minutes 2015-09-21


Board Members Present:  Annie Rudwick, Susan Stringer, Jerri Stein, Joan Ivan, Clint Lundmark, Jim Hlava

Others Attending: Clarissa, Jenna & Kim from Faubian School, Amy Lewin & Kalindi Kapadia from Cascadia Behavioral HealthCare, Ronnie Blocker, Jeff Ramsey, Matt Morrisey




1.  Faubian Update:

  • Faubian staff expressed appreciation for being welcomed into the neighborhood.
  • They received keys to the school on Aug. 24 at 7 AM, teachers arrived at 7:40 and students arrive for school 2 days later to a move-in celebration;
  • Only 27 out of 493 students arrived car.  11 school buses came from pick-ups in the old Faubian School neighborhood;
  • Grandparents day was attended by 75 grandparents who were able to visit their grandchildren in the school;
  • LaShawn Lee is the school principal
  • Reminder that the school zone area on Flint is 20 MPH.  Teachers and staff are very active outside during arrival and departure;
  • There will be evening events at times at the school.  For example, Curriculum Night is at 5:30 PM on October 14.  School is promoting families to carpool to limit traffic for evening events

2.  Minutes from July meeting were read aloud by Sue; Jerri moved to approve the minutes, Jim seconded and all approved;

3.  7th & Russell Development Updates:

  • The project is to be 6 stories tall with 67 units.
  • Sue reports that Essex Construction was asked to move their fence and to work toward developing crosswalks and speed bumps.
  • It is likely that neighborhood residents are going to organize a protest of the development.
  • There have been many concerns about the lack of community outreach and input for this development.

4.  Eliot News:

  • 3000 copies were printed and 2500 delivered to existing businesses and all of the neighborhood.  Sue is looking into the possibility of mailing the News rather than having it delivered by volunteers.  NECN communications funds could be a source to support this.
  • Sue also reports that there is increased interest from businesses wanting to advertise.  She wants to look review our advertising rates to see if they are at the right level.
  • Clint provided some historical perspective and appreciation for the Eliot news and its cadre of volunteers who deliver the paper.
  • Sue plans to analyze the News business model (advertising rates, method of delivery, etc.) and report back at a future meeting with a follow-up discussions and recommendations.

5.  Garlington Center Re-development Update by Jim Hlava:

  • Jim provided an info sheet on Cascadia’s redevelopment of its property on Martin Luther King Jr Blvd between Morris and Monroe;
  • Plan is for a new clinic to replace the existing building – will include current services plus primary care and wellness focused programs.  There will also be space available for community meetings and events;
  • Will present an update at the Oct. LUTC Meeting with Scott / Edwards Architecture to present an overview of the current plan;
  • Timeline is for a September 2016 groundbreaking;

6.  Community Outreach Update:

  • Jerri reviewed events sponsored by ENA such as the neighborhood clean-up, movies & concerts in the park, Good in the Hood, street intersection art, etc.
  • Wants to have more discussion about ideas to engage neighbors in the fall and winter – happy hour night, gatherings at St. Phillip the Deacon Church, etc.
  • Albina Neighborhood Tree Team:
  • Jeff Ramsey & Matt Morrisey talked about the work they are trying to do related to trees in the neighborhood;
  • They are looking for help from an existing 501 c 3 organization to help with grant writing for funds to assess trees, prune, replace, etc.
  • Recommendation was for Jeff and Matt to come back with a written plan and a more detailed request of what they are looking for from ENA.  Annie Rudwick with research ENA’s 501 c 3 status to help inform a discussion of ENA considering the role of fiscal sponsor for a community group;

7.  NECN Updates from Joan Ivan;

  • Reminder that the Updated Comp Plan is moving forward.  There will be an article in the upcoming News;
  • NECN has been revising its by-laws and has recommended changing membership from 2 people per neighborhood association to 1 and create more at large members.  Discussion of term limits as well;

8.  LUTC Update from Clint Lundmark:

  • Clint updated the Board on the 7th & Thompson development – that there are 2 housing that will be demolished to create 2 Four Plexes that will be owner occupied with garages;
  • Demolition delay not likely;
  • Study of sewer impact;
  • The site has an update tree plan for the lot;
  • New development between Williams and Fargo – 6 stories, 90 units, 40+ parking spots, LEED certified, Live/Work Space, some accessibility issues may need to be addressed;
  • Fremont/Williams Tower – Lot was upzoned; owner had agreed to 85 ft limit but now is planning for 95 ft;
  • Broadway/Grand business – change of ownership; required Good Neighbor Agreement to maintain liquor license;
  • Rodney Bikeway discussion – decisions have been made & diverters will stay;

9.  N/NE Neighbors for Affordable Housing is looking for a letter of support to raise the TIF percentage for affordable housing development that is on the City Council Agenda on 10/21.  ENA LUTC will review at the Oct. 12th meeting;

10.  Urban League Awards Dinner – ENA asked to be a sponsor at $500 for 2 seats.  Jim made a motion, Jerri seconded and all approved.  Angela Kremer plans to attend.

11.  REMINDER – ENA Board Election takes place at the October 19 meeting.

Minutes taken by Jim Hlava


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  1. O.K. I will elaborate. You understand, there is no such thing as between Williams and Fargo. They are perpendicular……Did you mean between Vancouver and Williams, on Fargo??????????? Just wondering, and on this web sight, what else can you do? That’s another question, and it isn’t rhetorical either!


  2. To begin, I have a question. I don’t understand the distinction “between
    Williams and Fargo” in the Clint Lundmark update section. Can someone enlighten me? And secondly, if the diverter is going to remain in the same place on Rodney, then there must definitely be a change in the traffic lights at Fremont and MLK! Left lane turn arrows, anyone?


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