LUTC Meeting Minutes 2015-09-14

Eliot Land Use meeting:  September 14, 2015

DRAFT- Not yet approved

Board: Allan, Paul, Clint, Montse, 1 more I think
Public: Michael, Sharri, Tim Long, David

120 NE Knott Street

  • Read last month’s minutes – approved
  • Discussion: Demolition requests for 623, 633 NE Thompson St (Moderators were in attendance – Guy Bryant is Developer)
    • Tree plan presented, because the original Arborist’s report was found to be incorrect.  Guy will be saving a large tree in the back of the lot, and will be planting a bunch of new trees around the site.  There was considerable discussion on this.
    • Builder tried to find a way to save buildings, if someone came at the last minute he would try to work with them.  Would need to be close by and act quickly.
    • Guy will be willing to quickly address pollution issues associated w/ demolition – 503-309-3461
  • Solterra Architects: Melynda Retallack – west side of Williams between Fargo and Monroe Streets.
    • 100 units – mix of 1 and 2 bedrooms with 5 live/work spaces and small retail spaces on the ground floor. 41 parking spaces (29 in below grade garage) 44 bike parking spaces in garage 6 stories above grade with courtyard on North Williams.  Concerns about ease of getting bikes in & out of building.  Liked the live/work surrounding courtyard. Want to make sure they are building to last
  • OLCC Liquor License application: Chuck’s J&S  Grocery
    • Concerns about the Lottery machines that would be going in, not really about the Liquor license itself.  Would reach out to Urban League which is next door.  Motion 5-0: Support Urban League in opposing lottery machines if they agree.
  • Fremont & Williams Tower – comments
    • 14 units – 2 per floor in a Cross Laminated Timber building (CLT). This project would only take the NW corner of the lot.  Motion: 5-0 to write a letter to Council about the height – 85 feet was original agreement.
  • Broadway 76 Gas Station GNA
    • Motion 5-0: sign GNA, get a copy for the website
  • 9:05 ajourn

Minutes submitted by Allan Rudwick