LUTC Meeting Minutes 2015-11-09

Eliot Land Use Minutes November 9, 2015

Present from LUTC Board: Phil, Laurie, Montse, Paul, Mike, Clint


Guy Bryant presenting his project at 7th and Thompson.

  • At the NW corner of NE 7th and Thompson, Guy Bryant is proposing a 8 unit attached townhouses, 2 bedroom with a den, 1 car garage tucked in.
  • The design has dormers and “blends” with the neighborhood. Due to his design he will be asking for setback variance so he can built a 2 roof with overhang.
  • He will contact LUTC again once he has a more details about the material he will be using in this construction

Project at Williams/ Vancouver and San Rafael.

  • Kurt Schultz – SERA Architects, Mike Mahoney, the Developer presented.
  • Proposing a 5 story building with 165 apartments, market rate.
  • 90 stall below grade parking spots. Close to a .6 ratio instead of a much a smaller required ratio.
  • PBOT required 15 foot sidewalks for this site.
  • South facing U shaped building.
  • They want a long lasting building and ask for help finding history about this site
  • Mike Warwick points out the Comp Plan effort and this is consistent with what we want for the neighborhood
  • Mike says it was a Black owned print operation. A plaque to recognize that would be nice Mike says. Kathy Galbraith wrote something about that business.
  • The talk turns to a gentleman in the audience asking that they look at some units for affordable rate living.
  • Clint mentions an article in our newsletters that speaks about the history.
  • Clint is interested in having them look at ground floor retail.
  • Laurie mentions how fast the changes are happening and not to leave retail out of the equation.


  • Discussion of this small lot. Architect is here to discuss the project.
  • The concept is using 10’4“ floor development heights to get a better height and feel.
  • 16 units; with 8 two beds, 8 one beds.
  • No parking.
  • The balconies are 3’8” , someone mentions that according to planning development tome Pattern Language less than 4 feet will mean the balconies never get used for more than storage.


  • Motions at the end to keep the existing Land Use committee (7-0)
  • Continue with Allan Rudwick as Chair and Mike Warwick as Vice Chair passed (7-0)

Minutes submitted by Paul van Orden

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