Air Toxics Q&A

Q & A LogoDo you have questions about arsenic, cadmium and chromium in and around the neighborhood? The Multnomah County Health Department, Oregon Health Authority and the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality have produced a Q & A to help answer your questions.

Air Toxics Questions and Answers
Air Toxics Questions and Answers (PDF)

3 thoughts on “Air Toxics Q&A

  1. It doesn’t surprise me that the magnitude of these recent events escapes my neighborhood association. It doesn’t surprise me that there is almost never any response to my comments. Has any one from Elliot Neighborhood Association approached the mayor’s office to discuss the suggestion that a more local agency be created to monitor industrial and corporate activity? Somehow, I doubt it. What has been unfolding in Elliot since developers discovered our neighborhood is nearly criminal. I don’t think my neighborhood association agrees with me. I get that! As I pointed out in my previous post, they were very passionate about opposing changing 39th Ave. to Cesar Chavez Blvd. For whatever reason, they found it unacceptable to name a numbered avenue after one of the most courageous and inspired leaders of the 20th Century! And not out of thin air, but rather in recognition of both a large and growing Latino population here in Portland, and in honor of the long history of Latino labor in Oregon for decades. All I can say to you folks is wash your hands!!!!!


  2. I would like to suggest that the Elliot Neighborhood Association, as an entity, issue a statement concerning the recent revelations concerning toxic metal emissions in our neighborhood. I can remember a time when this body did just that to condemn the renaming of 39th Ave. to Cesar Chavez Blvd. Well, what say you? No answer, of course!


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