Board Meeting Minutes 2016-02-15

minutesMeetings begins at 6:35

Board Members Present: Annie Rudwick, Angela Kremer, Clint Lundmark, Jere Fitterman, Joan Ivan, Johnny Engleheart-Noel, Kristin Yates, Ronnie Blocker, Sue Stringer

Visitors: Roberta Phillip-Robbins, Ann Kasper, Adam Lyons, Dana Nerenberg

Angela moves that we accept January’s minutes; Sue seconds; all in favor

Roberta Phillip-Robbins

  • House District 43  is open and Roberta is running.
  • She has the endorsement of Lew Frederick who was the previous representative.

Cadmium Air Pollutants with Adam Lyons from NECN

  • DEQ has information about the cadmium that is being released in Eliot/Overlook neighborhoods.
  • NECN would like to know what Eliot would like to ask of the DEQ?
  • Eliot wants to know: Do we know all the sources where the pollutants are being released? We don’t want to scapegoat one or two and still have the problem present.  We would like a more complete look at all of the hot-spots the DEQ has noticed.  We also want to know if the businesses knew this was occurring and chose to proceed anyways?  This makes a difference to us.
  • We want to know why the DEQ does not release this information more readily?
  • Who is the city pressure point for the DEQ and how can we put some pressure on them?
  • Annie will send Clint a post that he can place on our blog with links the neighborhood can use to find out more info about heavy metals

Portland and Homeless Camps

  • On Monday the city released a 4-point plan 
  • Annie thinks that without the city providing water to the camps they are not providing enough resources for people to live in a city authorized camp.
  • NECN is supporting the Home for Everyone Plan instead which they know will take longer but they think it a much healthier plan for those involved.
  • Forgotten Realms the homeless camp located in Eliot is receiving 100 gallons of water/week form Emanuel Hospital which equals 4 gallons of water/person living in the camp.
  • This camp is supposed to end in 6 months and not have new residents.
  • We would like Josh Alpert to attend an Eliot meeting to hear more.  During the next month please look at both plans and come prepared to talk to Josh about them.

LUTC Update

  • Please read their notes here.

Neighborhood Updates

  • Emergency Preparedness with Boise Neighborhood Association
  • We would love if someone from the neighborhood started attending these and got Eliot engaged in the conversation.
  • Monthly Cleanup with New Seasons will start happening! March 12th is the first event and Jere F was able to get SOLV to support us.  They will donate us supplies &  insurance, put it on their website and give us $100 to buy food/water with!
  • We will load trash up in a truck and take it to Metro who will give us a great deal.
  • Joan mentions that having garbage cans at bus stops would be super; maybe it is time to start pursuing garbage can sponsorship with local businesses?
  • Sue Stringer will run the Annual Spring Cleanup again! The first meeting with NECN is in February 25th. The suggested date for the cleanup is May 22nd 11-2pm
  • Ann Kasper attended the meeting in hopes that we would write another article in the Eliot Paper about the new Cascadia development.  She was upset about some of language that was used in the article regarding mental illness and she wanted to draw our attention to how that language can stigmatize people living with mental illness.
  • Fix Our Streets gas tax.

Action Items for Board:

  • Annie will write post about metals for Clint to post on blog.
  • Ask Josh Alpert to March Meeting.
  • Read plans the city has proposed regarding  homelessness to be prepared for March meeting.
  • Please read the mission statement that Jere is sending out and present your thoughts and ideas at the next meeting.
  • Angela has a meeting with the Urban League to ask how we can partner with them on future projects.