Board Meeting Minutes 2016-03-21


Meeting begins at 6:35 with introductions

Board Members Present: Angela Kremer, Jere Fitterman, Jeri Stein, Jim Hlava, Joan Ivan, Joe Entler, Johnny Engleheart-Noel, Kristin Yates, Patricia Montgomery, Ronnie Blocker, Sue Stringer

Visitors Present: Saint Hood, Janice Camfield, Anne Sanderson (running for Commissioner Fritz’s position on City Council), Grey Byrd, Nicholas Starkin, Shireen Hasan, Allan Rudwick, Jody Guth, Paul…(not sure about last name)

Joe Entler moves to approve February meeting minutes, Sue Stringer seconds, all in favor.

Josh Alpert will not be able to attend the meeting this month due to illness.

Central City 2035 Plan with Nicholas Starin, City Planner with Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability

Priorities of the plan are Affordable Housing and Historic Preservation.  The plan would encourage developers with bonuses if they implement these priorities. Seismic upgrades would have to be a part of the historic preservation.They would hopefully be getting rid of bonuses for eco-roofs, instead this would just be required for any new development larger than 20,000 sq/ft. Also the bonuses for bike parking would be dropped. The plan includes a green loop which is multi-use path for pedestrians and bicycles on the east and west side of the river. There are five volumes of information regarding this plan.  They are all available online.

Things that affect Eliot:

  • The plan would preserve the view of downtown Portland from Lillis-Albina Park
  • Also it would also allow historic buildings in industrial zones to not just be zoned industrial in hopes of preserving them.

The city will publish this plan in May. Public comment is due March 31st.

Angela asks about getting trash receptacles in Eliot like The Pearl neighborhood. Nicholas thinks that the business owners in the neighborhood put these in and also pay the city to empty them.

Committee Reports

Diversity Committee

  • Sue Stringer and Jere Fitterman attended a dialogue on racism mediated by Resolutions NW and they had a great experience.  They are hoping to introduce conversations about racism to Eliot to discuss these issues within our neighborhood.
  • A guest Shireen Hasan mentions one thing she is very concerned about is the suspension and expulsion of male students within PPS who are African American.  She feels like she has not been heard and that no actual work is being done about this.
  • Unity in the Community will be held on May 21st at Dawson park-please attend!


Beauty Committee

  • The litter pick-up day was a huge success.  52 people came out to help and they picked up 410 lbs of trash!
  • Time to go into local businesses and ask them to support garbage cans to help with waste.
  • Make an appeal to neighbors to clean up their sidewalks and trim bushes back that extend over the sidewalk to make walking the neighborhood more enjoyable.
  • May 22nd is the date of the huge Eliot cleanup and this gives us a great start. Please join us from 11am-2pm! Contact Sue Stringer for more information.
  • Eliot is looking into parking permits in areas specifically affected by the Rose Quarter.  We would need at least %40 of the affected residents to agree with this in order to get it passed.  The residents would pay for an annual permit. It would then be easier for residents to park. People attending events would either have to choose alternate forms of travel or scatter throughout the neighborhood more.

Land Use and Transportation Committee

  • No meeting this month it was instead replaced by a discussion about turning 7th into a greenway.  Right now 5000+ cars travel 7th each day.  That number would have to drop between 1100-1500 to consider it a greenway.
  • Next step is a follow up meeting with planner but right now there is no funding and no project manager.
  • There is a place on the new Comp Plan where you can make comments.

NECN Committee

  • Joan moves that Annie Rudwick, our treasurer, requests our NECN Communication Funds, Johnny seconds, all in favor.
  • Joan also mentions that things at NECN are chaotic because of resignations and new hires and trying to figure out priorities.

Discussion on Air Toxins

  • They are retesting Lillis-Albina Park. DEQ did not come back with hot spots within Northeast Portland.
  • Still a concern that full honesty and disclosure are not being used.

Discussion about Forgotten Realms

  • Rebuilding leadership because of growing pains
  • Some residents have been evicted by the group for behavioral problems
  • Trouble with trash.  They are asking the city for a dumpster because right now they have one can for the 25-30 people living there.
  • Learning from Walnut Grove and House-less Community Builders

Points of Action

  • Ask NECN about Communication Funds
  • Read about Central City Plan 2035 and make comments by 3/31/2016
  • Continue to pursue talks about diversity
  • Set aside May 22nd for Eliot Neighborhood Cleanup
  • Call visitors and welcome them to the meeting
  • Read Eliot’s mission and make comments to Jere by April 1st

Meeting adjourned at 8:40