Letter from the Board Chair

In the midst of changes…

I gaze at the stream of traffic, the watch the bicycles zipping past, and smell the fresh aroma of the cafés nearby. New faces, new places, a mix with the old, and I wonder how do we maintain a balance to give us strength, maintain some tradition and expand through all this growth.

The vision has been here with me  for some 27 years. Some going faster than others, but  changing how I feel. My choice to get involved, be involved, be active is to be a part of the change, not sitting on the sidelines wasting time complaining.

Community conversations brought out many ideas, so getting involved is a starting point like tackling that hill. To reach it we look at it sometimes and we think it’s to steep to climb, but we must always remember when we reach that top it a coaster ride down. Doors are opening to be a part of this change. There’s something for everyone to become involved in from clean-ups, neighbor watch, diversity outreach, beauty committee, intersection painting, concerts in the parks, tree planting and much more.

So come on out and get involved. Strength, they say, always comes in numbers, lets make our quadrant one to remember.

Meetings every 3rd Monday 6:30 to 8:30 St Philip the Deacon Episcopal Church 120 NE Knott St.

By Patricia Montgomery