The Heart of Garlington Center

David Eubanks

From its early beginnings as a community mental health clinic in the 1980s, neighbors have relied on Garlington Center as a place to get help for loved ones experiencing mental health and addictions challenges.

“The heart of the Garlington Center is respecting diversity,” said Kalindi Kapadia, Clinical Director of Garlington Center.

Kapadia, who joined the clinic last fall, witnessed early in her start how staff work together, providing hope and healing to hundreds of men, women & children.

“The experiences of the staff are very nuanced and the skill level that you get with that kind of diversity is quite unparalleled,” said Kapadia.

Addictions counselor David Eubanks grew up in the neighborhood. He’s practiced as an addictions and mental health counselor in Portland for almost 25 years. “The people here, that’s what keeps me,” said Eubanks.

Eubanks brings a sensitivity to the stigma attached to mental illness and addictions, especially within communities of color. He says building trust is a key component to his approach.

“When mental health is in the way and drug and alcohol is in the way, sometimes the only thing to hold on to is the relationship before you can then address those other issues,” said Eubanks.

Cascadia’s Garlington Center is located at 3034 NE Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. For more information about services the center provides, neighbors are invited to call Kalindi at: 503-889-2522. Read more about Garlington Center’s connections in the neighborhood and plans for renovation of the clinic, by visiting

By Amy Lewin