Bread and Honey Cafe

Bread and HoneyAlthough Bread and Honey Café has only (officially) been open since March 12th, it has lived in the mind of owner and chef Dyani Walden since she first began working in kitchens 20 years ago. Dyani’s vision has been and continues to be the creation of a beautiful, friendly and open space where the community can come together and experience healthy and delicious food as well as excellent customer service. She, along with Trevor Rhoads the sous chef and co-owner, are striving to create a communal environment that will have a positive impact on the community and in turn hope to be impacted by the community.

Dyani and Trevor have worked together for the past 5 years and in that time have become an incredible team with a common goal and passion for food. They are excited to share their knowledge and ability with the neighborhood.

“If we can make and serve good simple food, with people that we care about, to people that we care about, then we haven’t just created a good job, we have created a good life.” – Dyani Walden

The Bread & Honey Café
3526 N Vancouver Ave

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