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Litter Pickup
Litter Pickup May 2016

The Eliot neighborhood was treated to another round of committed, volunteer trash collectors in May. On May 22nd, 29 of your neighbors and fellow residents of Portland walked along sidewalks and side yards and maneuvered around sewer grates, curbsides, and vehicles plucking up the latest batch of accumulated fast-food wrappers, cigarette butts, and uncharitably tossed debris.

Sponsored by SOLVE, the newly named Livability Team was thrilled to share space with the Eliot Spring Clean Up event this year. Trudging that trash back to waiting dumpsters was much more preferable than loading it into the back of our cars as we had done in the past! Once again, Gluten FreeGem Bakery and New Seasons kindly donated platters of tasty food and drink keeping everyone hydrated and energized.

Unfortunately, our ranks were a bit thinner during May’s clean-up. We thank those wonderful adults and children who gave a couple of hours of their weekend to answer the trash call and hope they return when we wrap up the final pick-up of 2016 on October 1st. However, we’d love to double those numbers and increase our reach—we were not able to get to all areas this time around—so if you do return, please invite a neighbor who may  not have heard about our seasonal pick-ups. To those who may have been busy or unable to attend past clean-ups, we look forward to seeing your fresh face!

I personally have noticed several improved areas in our neighborhood and will give a shout out this time to St. Philip the Deacon Church on the corner of Knott and Rodney. Benjamin and his friends have really helped keep the side yard looking good by picking up trash and keeping cigarette butts off the grass. I’m also no longer seeing issues with the area across the street at the transfer station.  Thanks and kudos those guys!

Obviously, keeping trash at bay doesn’t have to happen only three or four times a year. Picking up an errant piece o’ trash you see walking the dog, taking a stroll for coffee, as you get off the bus, or in front of your own yard is always the good karmic thing to do. And keeping your walkway clear of leaves and debris is important in a way that goes beyond aesthetics. Those that don’t have the luxury of walking will appreciate the clear path. I speak primarily for those in wheelchairs, but folks pushing strollers, or walking with children and/or critters will cheer that effort as well. Thanks to all of you in Eliot who continue to help keep it livable.

So neighbors, let’s show some neighborhood pride and live lightly on our little piece of Earth. The fish, birds, wildlife and humans of Eliot will notice the difference!

By Jody Guth