LUTC Meeting Agenda 2016-09-12

Eliot Land Use and Transportation Committee Agenda
September 12, 2016 7:00 pm
St Philip Deacon Episcopal Church
120 NE Knott Street (map)
(car parking off Rodney rear, entrance on Knott street)

Welcome & Introductions

      1. Agenda additions?
      2. <presentation, contact Bryan McLean> New construction courtyard apartments on (addresses 16,20,52) NE Tillamook
      3. <presentation, contact Melynda> Update on Solterra Strata project (West side of North Williams between Fargo and Monroe)
      4. 7th avenue update
      5. Motion: Stop signs at Rodney/Morris, Rodney/Monroe flip, additional speed bump on NE Morris.  City has agreed to this if we send a letter it will happen
      6. Notices
        1. <info> Sign notice 407 N Broadway
        2. <info> short term permit 27 NE Monroe
        3. <info> Tamale Boy (668 N Russel) liquor license change
        4. <info> Demolition 3420 NE Rodney (between Fremont and Ivy) deadline passed.
        5. <info> Telecom facility 3250 NE MLK Jr Blvd
      7. Allan: remove ‘no parking’ designations along Dawson park?  Motion request to send a letter
      8. Other Updates & Public Comment
      9. Ammend/approve July minutes
        ————————–Ongoing projects to keep in mind—————————Proposed multifamily projects:
        Grant Warehouse Project (east side of MLK between Ivy & Cook)
        project on hold – 9-story tower at Schuyler and 2nd (Coast Mirror Site)
        MLK and Morris – Cascadia Healthcare Redevelopment – 2 buildings.
        Williams and Monroe – SolTerra architects “The Woods” – 50 units with some parking
        3138 N Williams – SolTerra – 95 units, 44 parking
        NE Williams and Ivy – NE Corner – future large building with alley behind? Has not been formally proposed yet.  expecting 5 stories
        Y-Ba architects –MLK and Sacramento – 16 units no parking SE corner.
        3116 N Vancouver – micro-apartments (stalled? seems to be a house gettin rehabbed)
        Thompson and 7th – Old Albina Row. – 8 units with garages – 4 each in 2 buildings

        Under Construction Multifamily:
        1931 N Williams – U shaped 5-story 160 units + 90 parking spots
        N Williams and Fremont – Carbon12 – 14 high end condos with private elevator access, 22 parking spaces, ground floor retail
        7th and Russell – 6 story 68 units, 43 parking spaces
        2405 Vancouver – 5 story 54 units over parking.

        City Projects:
        South Eliot Sewer Project
        NE Rodney Bikeway

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  1. Most of these projects lack affordability, and ironically, they are cheesy eyesores to boot!!!! For example, I call your attention to the Cook Street Apartments wood siding, already warping. Cutting corners to maximize profit………….


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