Livability Team Adopt a Block

Keep the Neighborhood Clean!

Hi Eliot Neighbors!  My name is Lauren Mullen and I’m a member of the Eliot Livability Team.

Our neighborhood has linked with SOLVE to sponsor Neighborhood Litter Pick-Up events during the year. The last litter pickup was in October. We would like to build on that spirit of good stewardship by starting an Adopt-a-Block initiative. We want it to be simple and informal. Let me know if you are interested in keeping your block free of litter and the storm drains flowing and I’ll add your name to the list which will be published periodically.

My email address is, if you want to participate. SOLVE will support our efforts by providing bags and gloves. Let me know what you need. Businesses are welcomed to participate in Adopt-A-Block as well. 

I would like to acknowledge the following businesses for their efforts:

I’m sure there are many others in the neighborhood, but these are in my area and I wanted to thank them for helping to make my “neck of the woods” a more pleasant and safe place to live.

Below is a list of your neighbors who have agreed to Adopt-A-Block:

  • Jere – Graham from Williams to MLK
  • Karla – Rodney from Tillamook to Thompson & Thompson from
    Rodney to MLK
  • Lauren – Tillamook from MLK to Flint
  • Jodi – Rodney from Sacramento to Thompson
  • Matt – Rodney Ave from Knott to Graham
  • New Seasons – Ivy and Fremont from Williams to MLK
  • Sue – NE 7th from Brazee to Knott

By Lauren Mullen

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