LUTC Minutes 2017-02-13

Eliot Neighborhood Association

Land Use Committee

Minutes for February 13th, 2017


There was no quorum at the meeting so these will not be official minutes.

Community members present: Allan (Chair), Dat Nguyen and Wes — possible future LUTC member

  1. Ivy and Williams — NE Corner.  Owned by Mr. Kaiser and Mr. Michaelson – lots are going to be combined and modified somehow to resolve joint ownership, put into a LLC.  They are building a futuristic or maybe dated looking building with floating hallways– see through between some floors although it would be 2+3, 4+5+6 since they can’t legally build it all open.  Sunlight was a big deal.  Goal is to make the units for old people — accessible everything, doorman who is an EMT, delivery/catering by New Seasons accessible. Kind of a nursing-home-lite model.  Wouldn’t be restricted to old folks.  There was talk of a daycare being the main tenant.  Outside- back alley activated by small retail & live/work spaces.  Public park possible near east side of the site.  1-story underground parking.  There was talk of outdoor bathrooms being all-gender (suggestion from community).  Does greenery really help activate the street?  Maybe there is too much.  Would there be limitations on noise at certain hours in the alley?    img_20170213_190721

2. Port City redevelopment.  61 or more affordable rental units.  Right to return associated with this property.  They would do ground-floor commercial if possible. Bike parking under adjacent “bill-box” type house that would be next to adjacent house on north side of the property (Thompson side).  Possible steps up to units to have street-front activation were discussed.


Dat was interested in the 2nd and Broadway Coast Mirror site project which seems to be on hold.

Meeting ended around 8:30pm