Board Meeting Minutes 2017-03-20

minutes ENA Board Meeting minutes March 20, 2017

Move to accept February minutes with changes; unanimously approved

Discussion/Question: Jim Hlava moves to accept the budget using the ledger 2010 forward as an annual budget to these categories: Admin, Cleanup, Fees, Newsletter, 5,000 from Blazers, Donations/Sponsorships (these should reflect who ENA donated funds to  for ex. Meals on Wheels). Angela suggests different category for sponsorships to break down Meals on Wheels, Good in the Hood, Boise Backpack, etc.

Discussion/Questions: Strategies for business advertising.  Need help – systematically may get more sponsorships from non-profits.

Angela moves to revise ENA Annual Budget: motion  ENA sponsorships subcategories called out Motion to accept budget with changes: all in favor.

Committee reports

Vicki to ask for $1500 for concerts – not here tonight – will come to next month’s meeting.  Planning criteria for next month.

Angela moves to support Cascadia Garlington Ctr. GALA, Thursday April 6, 2017,  5:30-8:30 pm, with $150 per person – send 2-3 people to represent ENA. ENA to fund $300 for tickets. Johnny Englehart will go; Shireen is considering, let Angela know this week by Friday.   Joe Entler seconds; all in favor


Annual Cleanup: Saturday May 13, 2017, 10:00-2:00pm at parking lot of Williams and Graham. Bring in dumpsters.ENA will do pick up for seniors/disabled. Approximately 35 lbs. per person of recyclables, household goods, electronics etc. Sue needs help with the sign-up sheet at next meeting.

Russell Delong discussed concerns about store by N. Williams and N. Stanton. Uncleanliness of the business concerns. ENA referred him to Multnomah County Dept. to make complaint- Jere will visit location; report observation and call City complaint line for litter/cleanliness.  Joe will contact Department of Health

Meeting adjourned 8 pm

Guests/Residents present: Erin Fish, Russell Delong

Board Members present: Sue Stringer, Jim Hlava, Angela Kremer, Johnny Englehart, Shireen Hasan, Joe Entler, Pat Montgomery, Jere Fitterman, Joan Ivan

By Shireen Hasan