LUTC Meeting Minutes 2017-05-08

Eliot Neighborhood Association

Land Use and Transportation Committee

Meeting Minutes from May 08, 2017, submitted by Allan Rudwick, Chair

A quorum of the Committee was present, including Clint, Allan, Phil and Montserrat

Presentation on proposed project – land currently being used by People’s Pig and Bluehouse Greenhouse and one other lot on that block
Ken Moholt-Siebert presented the latest plans for his project. They have simplified their parking design. They are using a HUD loan (type Hud loan 221d4). The proposal now calls for street level retail and the rest of the building would be 4 feet higher to accomodate parking underneath. The committee was generally supportive of Ken’s desire to use Fiber cement panel. There will also be some laser cut steel elements. The project is currently set at 86 units with 26 underground parking spaces and lots of bike parking. (There was some feedback that some types of bicycles are not easily lifted onto vertical hooks so hopefully they will be accomodated. Timeline. Hoping to start in 12 months if everything is perfect. This will be a Market rate project, the loan type helps the current owner of the land to maintain ownership after the development happens

Allowing parking on south side of Dawson Park
Motion was made by Allan to write a letter to PBoT to get parking legalized on the south side of Dawson Park as it is currently being illegally used without substantial problems. The motion passed 3-0 with Clint abstaining

April Minutes were approved
The Chair adjourned the meeting at 8:05 PM

One thought on “LUTC Meeting Minutes 2017-05-08

  1. Regarding the proposed development the 86 units with only 26 parking spaces. Already we are impacted by the building on the corner of N. Fargo and Vancouver. People from that complex park down Fargo and a man told us the other day he was waiting on a long wait list for one of their spots. This does not even take into consideration the other buildings already planned to go up on the corner of N. Fargo and Williams, or in the church parking lot, or their empty lot. Twenty six parking spaces is totally inadequate for 86 units. Additionally, has the neighborhood expressed concern about more market rate units? The building across from New Season’s still has high vacancy a year after opening, while the number of Portland residents who are doubled up or homeless continues to grow. This neighborhood needs more affordable housing, two and three bedroom units for families, and buildings with parking for residents.


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