Board Meeting Minutes 2017-05-15

minutesEliot Neighborhood Association
Meeting Minutes
May 15, 2017
6:30 – 8:30 pm
St Philip Deacon Episcopal Church NE 120 Knott St

Welcome 6:45 pm introductions

No move for April minutes. No Quorum – no vote on.

Healthy Kids & Education -Dante Haruna

Address issues and awareness about health risks due to sugary beverages; low income and children of color impacted the most; Proposed measure to add distribution tax of 1.5 cents per oz. on sugary drinks that has 6 grams of sugar. Measure is estimated to raise 28.4 million.

Q:How money raised rules/regulations used? A:There are limitations on what money to be used for, no more than 5% goes toward admin tax, early literacy/child program initiative (health fitness, education. Scheduled to vote on should pass.

Q: If pass can NECN get the word out to all neighborhoods? Put out request for people to apply; put in Oct. Newsletter; email ENA by Sept 1 get us press release in August. Dante to email by end of November

Pledge to vote electronic; Dante to send press release to Angela

Diesel Air Pollution, VW Settlement – Presenter NECN  Jessica Rojas

Portland Clean Air will be testing and sharing with neighborhoods. Rooftop conversation – will connect with Angela via email. SE neighbors sharing research on asbestos, demolition, issue with lead asbestos wants to do something at city/county levels. Request someone from ENA to come and speak; there are no regulations on demolitions. Jessica will follow up with Angela email. Letter of support requested

Litter pickup has close to 82,000 Right to Dream- strong possibility re: own litter pickup.

Will use Angela’s internet access flat roof 2 weeks

Keep Pat in loop due to impact on neighborhoods


Vancouver Avenue First Baptist Church renovation ‘letter of support’

Have someone contact Raymond ask him to draft letter, then ENA edit it; this month ASAP

Find out what their deadline is


Annual Cleanup Review

Annual clean up $883 before expenses; 50 families donated; 25 volunteers-not include litter p/u volunteers

Open Signal follow up

Open Signal- Sue sent Jim letter of support for OpenSignal; ? timeline for them needing letter; Help with Block Party. Send to board members to get vote on it.

Check bylaws re: electronic vote for letter of support to be approved by committee



Newsletter – absent


Review of Financial Report for April 2017. Budget – spent 655 less. 2106 total revenue for calendar year



electronic voting when board members absent; Discuss @ general meeting – summer article for people to know how we give money; Deeper discussion about financial report – food

Talking to Cupid maybe June brainstorm with Angela

Jim to put together something for Board Members to review when is it appropriate to take executive action

Board Members Present

Pat Montgomery Co-Chair
Jim Hlava, Treasurer
Shireen Hasan Recorder
Angela Kremer
Joan Ivan


Dante Haruna
Jessica Rojas

By Shireen Hasan