Board Meeting Agenda 2017-06-19

agendaEliot Neighborhood Association
Board Meeting Agenda
June 19, 2017 6:30 – 8:30 pm
St Philips the Deacon
120 NE Knott St

Open meeting 6:30 pm, Welcome guests, Introductions 10 min

Move to accept April Meeting minutes 5 min

New business

  • Radon Awareness Program presentation and request for letter of support-Laura Hobbs 10 min
  • Gary Carroll from St Philips The Deacon Episcopal Parish would regards efforts to support scout troops in our neighborhood. 10 min
  • Livability Team proposal for Adobt a Block awards program-Matt Morrissey 10 min
  • Letter of support for Vancouver Avenue First Baptist Church’s application for a grant from the DOC, Portland Development Commission, for renovations to their building. See attached email for details. I, Jere will write this letter if the Board approves this motion: “I move to approve a letter of support for the Vancouver Avenue First Baptist Church’s PDC proposal.” 10 min
  • Update on R2D2 camp-Jessica Rojas, NECN community liaison 10 min
  • NECN representative from ENA nomination. Jere Fitterman and Jeri Bee, together, want to volunteer for this position. 10 min

Old Business

  • Annual Cleanup review 10 min
  • Committee Reports
    • Newsletter
    • LUTC
    • NECN
    • Livability
    • Treasurer


Adjourn 8:30