Board Meeting Minutes 2017-06-19

minutesEliot Neighborhood Association
Meeting Minutes
June 19, 2017
6:30 – 8:45 pm
St Philip Deacon Episcopal Church NE 120 Knott St
Submitted by Shireen Hasan

Welcome 6:30 pm

Radon Awareness Program presentation/request for letter of support Laura Hobbs

Gary Carroll – St. Philips The Deacon Church Episcopal Parish
Boy Scouts of America support scout troops in neighborhood for summer camps, day camps serving ages 13-16 and ideas to serve community, fundraise, lead, and plan project  100 hours.

Livability Team proposal for Adopt a Block awards program- Matt Morrissey
Reward people to adopt block. Acknowledge/reward people $10 gift card to join.Do $40 gift certificate for 6 months see how it goes. Pat moves to give $40 month up to 6 months $240 Reward incentive 1 per month raffle- motion passes, all in favor

Letter of Support for Vancouver Avenue First Baptist Church’s application for a grant from the DOC.
Discussion: Vancouver Church- Angela presentation sent communication- Angela read letter of support. Attach ENA letter for any funding support they may need. Move to use letter.  Joe moves verbally to support their efforts by using letter to support funding grants.   Amended changed in general letter of support – Jim seconds, all in favor, motion.

Put in newsletter

Update on R2D2 camp Jessica Rojas NECN community liaison
Rest area in Lloyd district. Lloyd area looking to do neighborhood committee May 25th.Judith to discuss neighborhood agreement. Welcomes monthly meeting re: agreement to make sure all understand it. Addressing issues lighting, safety, crosswalk. Access of agreement for everyone (ie. ban people of property, lighting, etc). Space for showers, garbage, people to sleep.

Public Safety meeting Thurs 8-9 once per month and Mon 6pm every month.  American Asset June 22, 3:30-5pm

Jessica – Clean/safe program – City granted grant for this neighborhood for clean up. Adam received litter control ($90,000) Promote thru website looking for resident, follow up with guy and Carla

NECN will go and report back or ENA can send a designated person

NECN representative from ENA nomination
Jeri Bee and Jere Fitterman to to volunteer for this position. Susan moves to nominate Jere Fitterman and Jeri Bee

Angela discussed libelous article about ENA & ENA should have been recognized for our hard work. ENA should have been requested to testify requested retraction; Jessica NECN states testimony was distorted/ misquoted  & encouraged ENA to watch video to see/hear what she said. Angela moves to have letter to clarify the right story

Angela will do letter asap cc the mayor re: online article

Old business

Annual Clean up Review
Susan reports made $800, 3 dumpsters filled 800lbs., 1500 scrap, 30 volunteers. ENA to figure out in fall and discuss for budget at the community conversations

Committee Reports

Newsletter- 16 page newsletter. Sue forward to Jessica for NECN newsletter

LUTC Wes was not present – project called cornerstone African American Architectural Center – African American History project to put on historic register- so their homes will not be demolitioned July 15 Sat. 10:30am @ Vancouver Baptist Church to tell their stories. Will be in newsletter

Discussed concerts/Good in the Hood- Rec’d free booth n/c. We can be present the whole time this Fri. Sat. Sun 11-3. Put materials on NECN table – Boy Scouts offered a booth to use.

Livability – have meeting discussions about how to move forward

Treasurer- reports the first year doing report based on budget. Not a lot expended out. Income related to clean up. Small expense to livability; pickup cost for dropbox. Beginning checking $13,291 ending balance $14,204. Do we want neighborhood cleanup to be a service or fundraiser; need feedback from community to help formulate budget; maybe charge more per person

Announcements & Comments
ENA looking for proposals, maybe advertise proposals for using $2,000-3,000

Adjourned 8:45 pm


Board Officers and Directors:
Pat Montgomery Co-Chair
Jim Hlava, Treasurer
Shireen Hasan Recorder
Susan Stringer Newsletter
Angela Kremer
Joan Ivan
Joe Entler
Johnny Engleheart Noel
Wes Ayers

Joel Migliaccio Environmental Group Works 503-719-6715
Matt Morrissey
Maria Opie
Jessica Rojas
Jody Guth