Irving Park

A series of posts about places to take your furry friends in and around our amazing neighborhood. 

A sure sign of summer is the increased numbers of people and their dogs lazing about in local parks. Irving Park has a wonderful off-leash area that is sure to delight playful or rambunctious dogs. The off-leash area, bordering the edge of the park on Northeast 7th  Avenue, sits at the crest of the hill and offers several benches and picnic tables where humans can rest as their canine companions get all of their exercise for the day.

Be sure to be attentive to your dog’s body language when you introduce them to other pooches; some dogs are uncomfortable being on a leash as they’re introduced to other dogs who are not leashed. Further, be careful that your dog does not leave the off-leash area; be attentive to the signage denoting where your dog can freely play. Two nearby water fountains offer refreshment to your pup after she’s tuckered out. Make sure to bring waste bags!

Irving Park
NE 7th Ave & Fremont

By Alexandra Weinstein