General Membership Meeting Minutes 2017-10-16

minutesEliot Neighborhood Association
Meeting Minutes
October 16, 2017
6:30 – 8:40 pm
St Philip Deacon Episcopal Church NE 120 Knott St
Submitted by Shireen Hasan

Welcome 6:30 pm introductions

Introductions/Community Dinner

New Business – Matt Gough City of Portland Environmental Services Construction.

Construction on the Eliot Sewer and Stormwater Project – Start Construction Nov/Dec, full force in January;replacing pipes/removal of storm water-reduce flooding/backage eliminate risks to home & businesses. Will notify neighbors (mailers, email, sandwich boards). Traffic delays expected on Vancouver; detours/equipment stored on blocks. 7am start times until 6pm. Call Matt if crews working past 6pm & he will stop it. Work completed in phases by contractors & subcontractors; neighbors may call Matt with their ideas or suggestions.

Matt & Angela will stay in communication re: painted street; exchange cards

Guest speaker – Discussed clean air concerns; heavy metals around the area

The Governor wants public engagement Oct. – Dec 22 to get the rules to protect us; wants comment writing project; people need to show up and tell stories how it is affecting them and families – their health here in Oregon. Regulatory boards is hurting everyone. Residents can get on Neighbors of clean air, get on email list, participate in workshops; neighborhood focus air teams. ENA needs a representative 4 hours per month

Question about going to the city commissioner. DEQ being funded- use against each other because of money. Focus on City and County and tell them we are concerned &  State needs to handle or we will.

Groups Break off into groups on different discussion points:

  • Newsletter – open to getting ideas/people writing ideas.
  • Adopt a block looking for people.
  • Annual clean will have next year.

Announcements & Comments

Officer Brad – community foot patrol coffee with a cop each month. Hear and talk about issues give neighborhood watch classes.

Leadership development, help new leaders show how they can get supported.

ENA looking for board members who are passionate

Emergency Preparedness: Humboldt need someone local to help us be more prepared. ENA looking for a representative

Jessica (NECN) Know Your Neighborhood packets

Neighborhood watch collects information (names, contact of neighbors), network resources with each other

8:00 Board elections

Jere moves that we approve with the slate that we have, and add members late

Adjourned 8:40 pm


Board Officers and Directors

  • Jere Fitterman Co-Chair
  • Pat Montgomery Co-Chair
  • Jim Hlava, Treasurer
  • Shireen Hasan Recorder
  • Susan Stringer Newsletter
  • Angela Kremer
  • Joan Ivan


  • Margeret Heil, Errol Beard
  • Maggie Garder,
  • Susan Westby
  • Anna Daggett
  • Monique Gaskins,
  • Brad Baker,
  • Ruth Eddy
  • Jane Morse
  • Leah Walsh
  • Matt Morrissen
  • Su(e) Diyg,
  • Jackie Johnson
  • John Lee
  • Emily Videl
  • Tori Cole tori
  • Andrew Stietzel
  • Jimmy Wilson
  • Jessica (NECN)