CCC Clean Start PDX Launches

Central City Concern has had a positive impact on many Portland residents. As their website states, “Central City Concern (CCC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit agency serving single adults and families in the Portland metro area who are impacted by homelessness, poverty and addictions. Founded in 1979, the agency has developed a comprehensive continuum of affordable housing options integrated with direct social services including healthcare, recovery and employment.”

One of CCC’s mentored employment programs, with a new focus in Eliot and  the surrounding areas, is CCC Clean Start PDX.  The new team is up and running and the feedback from Central Eastside has been positive. Residents are seeing the truck and noticing the cleaner streets. Everyone benefits in the launch of this new program.

If residents have specific issues they can email with their concern and it should be handled within 24 hours.

One thought on “CCC Clean Start PDX Launches

  1. CCC’s “Clean” programs have been abusive to our homeless residents and they attempt to train folks on the street in their ways. They have been a part of the system the city of Portland has created to perpetually move homeless citizens, without providing a place to stay. They will force moves even if a houseless person has a good relationship with neighbors and keep their sleeping area clean. They respond to fair and just complaints of some camps with needles and trash, as well as clean and quiet camps. They are not a good organization for any neighborhood, let alone ours.


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