What’s Happening with Vibe Café?

Vibe Cafe, located at 2808 NE MLK Jr Blvd, is an indispensable local business. It doubles as a laundromat and a cafe, serving residents of the apartments above it and the surrounding community. Vibe Cafe has been closed for a few months now because they are investing in a remodel.

Shobhna Prasad, manager of Vibe Cafe, said that the purpose of the remodel is to revamp the space. When the remodel is complete, customers can expect new designs on the walls, new tables, sanded floors, and a fresh layout. Vibe Cafe will open its doors to the public sometime between spring and summer of 2018. The opening date depends on many factors, including the approval of permits, and Vibe Cafe hopes to serve the neighborhood again as soon as possible! Prasad mentioned that the menu will largely stay the same once Vibe Cafe is open again; however, she hopes to offer new items like smoothie bowls and avocado toast. If you have any further questions about the remodel you can email the café at  vibecafepdx@gmail.com.