LUTC Meeting Minutes 2018-04-09

Eliot Land Use and Transportation Committee MINUTES
April 9, 2018

Meeting begins 7:00pm.  Large turnout.  Committee members present: Clint, Phil, Brad, Jonathan, Allan. About 10 members of the public were also present


Meeting started at 7:04pm

7:05 10-unit development proposal at 206 NE Sacramento. (Steve Miller, Emerio Design)

7:25 discussion of the Zeal lofts Microhousing project that was just approved
– Robin Murphy, Jackson | Main Architecture

There was discussion of the parking impacts of this project and how all additional cars will come towards Eliot due to the surrounding land uses. There was some discussion of the demographics of the project – similar projects have had slightly higher turnover than other residential apartments with close to 50% turnover per year. Some typical residents are nurses, baristas, etc – generally lower-paying jobs where people want their own place and not to live in a shared house with 5+ housemates. Some companies and out-of-town workers who stay often in town rent these spaces instead of using hotels. Typical rents range from $650-950 for the 200-300 sq ft units. There will be 215 units in the building with about 30 parking spaces. The developer was required by the city to provide 50 transit passes for the first year, which everyone in the room acknowledged would only help in the first year.

7:45 Apartment building (studio and 1-BR units) at Williams and Fargo.
– (Robin Murphy, Jackson | Main Architecture)

Plan is for what I would consider tiny studio (300ish sq ft) and 1-BR units (400ish sq ft) units. There would be 100 of them. Tri-level mechanical parking would be provided for about 35% of units. Robin indicated that this was not likely to be value-engineered away, and that it was substantially affecting the height of the first floor of the building. The stated goal of this project (like the Zeal lofts) is to provide more affordable units than other projects. Concerns about the undersized parking garage were met with discussion about how building parking into projects makes it hard to keep rents down which is where the developer wants to be competing. There is data that shows the more parking is provided, the more tenants have cars. If you don’t build parking, they won’t bring cars is the theory. Neighbors brought up the need to investigate a parking permit program around the N Williams developments going up. Specifically mentioned was the idea that residents of older buildings should have priority to parking permits over these new buildings built with inadequate onsite parking.

8:05 ODOT- I-5 Rose Quarter Presentation by ODOT and City of Portland
– Caitlin Reff (City of Portland Project Manager) and Megan Channell (ODOT Project Manager). Also in attendance was a Safe Routes to School coordinator

This section of the meeting started with a 20-minute presentation by ODOT and PBOT about the proposed project. Interestingly, both the ODOT and PBoT representatives live in Eliot. Neighbors then asked a bunch of different questions about the questionable Return on Investment of the project, the 5-year construction impacts of the project, and the reasoning for removing the Flint overpass in favor of the Hancock/Dixon option. The “LID”s that are proposed don’t appear to be very useful, neighbors talked about the triangles being used for camping or not used at all instead of being the active high-quality spaces that we would like to see in our neighborhood. One neighbor mentioned that a couple of these blocks are essentially the inside of a cloverloop and can never really be a nice place to spend time outside. We are concerned that if we didn’t have good ideas up until now, we may not get any good ideas at all and these places may be more failed spaces like the unused PDC park at MLK and hancock.

Meeting adjourned at 9:10pm

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