LUTC Meeting Agenda 2018-05-14

Eliot Land Use and Transportation Committee Agenda May 14, 2018
St Philip the Deacon Church
120 NE Knott St, Portland OR 97212
Meeting begins 7:00pm

<DRAFT> Agenda:

    1. Welcome, 7:00pm
    2. agenda additions?
    3. 7:03 <Liz Rickles> NE Tillamook Greenway Upgrade Presentation
    4. 7:30 <Bill Neburka> Pizza A Go Go Redevelopment – Williams – SE corner at cook – first presentation- 5 story project
    5. 7:55 <Jennifer Nye> People’s Pig project – Williams – west side between cook and fargo- another proposal discussion
    6. 8:15<Craig Garrison> Baseball Proposal Response?
    7. Approve minutes from February, April
    8. Other updates (parking permit district, N/S Neighborhood Greenway on 7th or 9th Ave)
    9. Public Comment

Ongoing projects-

1. 5- or 9-story tower at Schuyler and 2nd (Coast Mirror Site) — pre app conference coming
2. NE Williams and Ivy – NE Corner – 6-story alley behind and 2-story townhouses adjacent to single-family homes.  This was originally showed to us as a 5-story building.
3. Car dealership + housing – NE Broadway and 1st
4. People’s Pig/Bluehouse Greenhouse space on Williams — 6 stories with underground parking. Also proposal for a 4-story project where abandoned house is. Transferring some FAR to larger building.
5. Public housing at the Port City site. 4 stories proposed with more 2- and 3-bedroom units than market rate projects have been recently
6. Micro-housing at Williams and Fargo 200-210 rooms with 35 shared-kitchens
7. Micro-housing at 829 N Russell
8. Magnolia phase 2 (NE MLK at Fargo)

Under Construction Multifamily:
1. 1931 N Williams – U shaped 5-story 160 units + 90 parking spots
2. N Williams and Fremont – Carbon12 – 14 high end condos with private elevator access, 22 parking spaces, ground floor retail

3. “The Canyons” propsal was approved
4. 2405 Vancouver – 5 story 54 units over parking.
5. Grant Warehouse Project (east side of MLK between Ivy&Cook) – C shaped building with 96 units subsidized. Tuck under parking on ground floor and internal playground.
6. MLK and Morris – Cascadia Healthcare Redevelopment – 2 buildings – housing in north building, services in south.  Community Play area and lots of parking4.
7. Tillamook Row- 20 NE Tillamook.  16 unit complex organized around a central courtyard and a commons buildiing.