Board Meeting Minutes 2018-05-21

Eliot Neighborhood Association
Meeting Minutes
May 21, 2018
6:30 – 8:30 pm
St. Philip Deacon Episcopal Church
NE 120 Knott St.

Meeting called to order 6:30pm

Notes: Shireen Hasan

*Move to accept April meeting minutes with changes – Shireen Hasan; approved

New Business: Proposed changes to Eliot-Boise Neighborhood boundaries
– Inform neighbors that we are considering boundary changes

*Move to table Boise/Eliot boundary until June; pass to ENA LUTC for their meeting to make recommendations; post on Nextdoor and Agenda – Jere Fitterman; approved

BUDGET: Tracking funds

  • $1,890 to Community Gardening Co-op are only funds released
  • Currently have $15,390.81 and are budgeting $13,870 for proposed projects

– Discussion: funds spending
– Jim Hlava asks if he is to start writing checks to proposals and he will update ENA livability proposals

ENA 2018 Project Updates


  • Brad Baker reports on process
  • Need 50% of neighbors interested to start process; based on survey from last newsletter
  • Hancock to Sacramento: need to canvass and ask if any of the neighbors are interested
  • PBOT wants to start small and add on
  • PBOT recommends parking permits needed for 7-10pm
  • Put report in newsletter
  • Jimmy, Shireen, Jim and others will help canvass


  • 83 participants; much larger turnout from previous year
  • Collected 3,000 pounds of electronics, scrap metals; 10,680 pounds of trash
  • Good neighborhood support from businesses
  • Gross: $2300 (includes $500 donation from Widmer brewing), $1800 expenses


  • Event happening at new location this year: Martin Luther King Jr. School


  • Black Parents Initiative will be handling concerts in the park
  • BPI has asked us to help get fire department there
  • Looking for sponsorships to pay for event
  • Would like to do event in August
  • ENA considering not doing National Night Out and instead giving $1,000 to concerts in the park
  • BPI needs to raise $14,000 to pay for bands, etc. for events

*Move to cancel National Night Out and Dawson Park event and use the funds to support BPI concerts in the park including dominoes tournament – Jere Fitterman; Maggie Gardner seconds; all in favor


  • Getting new mailing list
  • Help soliciting new ads
  • 3,000 residences; expected to increase


  • Proposed demolition of Martin Mayo cottage (206 NE Sacramento)
  • Brad Baker reports that there is no discussion about moving house, only demolition
  • 200 days to decide what to do
  • Sue read letter; ENA can put in newsletter
  • Do we want to write a letter to the city?


  • Nomination for representative for the ENA on NECN’s land use and transportation committee: Brad Baker; all in favor


  • Toyota has new GM; good attitude about planting trees and picking up trash around property
  • Will ask Friends of Trees; will go look to propose tree plantings and watering for 3 years
  • $9,000 to Friends of Trees
  • Old fence on San Rafael falling down
  • Deciding to expand or sell property
  • Under new management
  • Jere propose mural across
  • ENA suspend litter pickup because less volunteers; concentrate on adopt a block
  • Jim has adopted a block to pick up litter
  • Broadway Toyota GM to be on ENA board


– Monica to teach Board how to use email list


  • Jessica Rojas says explore equity work for leadership – Angela to do leadership?
  • Maggie says whoever on leadership training comes up with strategy on how to move forward or others with expertise to provide a charter so we are all engaged
  • Have bylaws ready and available that Jessica gave us before this meeting
  • Shireen discussed concerns of ENA inequitable process/activities/access for CGC regarding support of project; recommends equity/ leadership training so all persons can have equitable equal access
  • Jimmy says to discuss these issues with Board; Sherry Staggs agrees; states important for community to build relationship
  • Jimmy and Angela gave input for Shireen’s valid concerns for Board to do leadership training
  • Maggie asks Jimmy and Shireen to be on leadership committee

* Move that Leadership and Training team will come up with a strategy on how to bring support and equity to our board. We will consult the bylaws and information Jessica provided, and bring in outside expertise as needed. The goal is to provide a charter that will engage the board. – Maggie Gardner; Jeri seconds; all in favor

Wyans reports – May 7th she visited and said they want someone to represent

Sherry Staggs – exchange info with Jimmy Wilson; they want a representative from ENA community because air is polluted

North Coast Seed Studios community event happening on Saturday June 30 from 12pm

Meeting adjourned 8:30pm

Guests/Residents present: Jessica Rojas (NECN), Karla Gostnell, Sherry Staggs, Angela Kremer

Board Members present: Brad Baker, Jere Fitterman, Jim Hlava, Jimmy Wilson, Maggie Gardner, Shireen Hasan, Sue Stringer

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