Big Plans for 2018

Dear Neighbors, I have good news! The Eliot Neighborhood Association Board of 2018 has already proven to have ambition, and the energy and dedication to back it up. We have been dreaming big — challenging ourselves to be more visible in the community, and to make change where we can.

Our board and committee members have brainstormed dozens of plans to nourish our neighborhood. We have distilled them down into focused initiatives and outlined ways to take action. Here is an overview of our direction:

Creating Connections
We are looking for opportunities to host events that bring us together, partnering with bordering neighborhoods and churches. And we are finding ways to add a little extra fun to the events we already do, like the yearly Clean Up, and the summer outdoor concert and movie series on Wednesdays at Dawson Park in July.

Cultivate Beauty
We’ve teamed up with Friends of Trees to improve the tree canopy  on our streets, and considered the benefits of an additional community garden and more public trash cans on our streets. We hope to install a mural on MLK, and are actively looking for local artists to work with. (contact

Be Safe and Smart
We have claimed a seat at the table for the discussion of the Hill Block development, given our 2-cents to City Hall regarding the I-5 expansion, and begun researching how we might help manage parking on congested streets. We’re working on a program to gather more neighborhood watch volunteers, and initiated a conversation with the local police force to help them understand the needs of our community.

There are a lot of wheels in motion, and we look forward to keeping you posted on our progress.

By Maggie Gardner