New Water Treatment for Bull Run Drinking Water 

The Portland Water Bureau is working on new treatment processes for the Bull Run drinking water source to meet state and federal regulations for water quality. Future projects include:

  • Corrosion Control:  Reducing the corrosiveness of Bull Run drinking water to minimize lead in home plumbing from entering drinking water.
  • Bull Run Filtration: Installation of a filtration plant to remove potential contaminants such as Cryptosporidium.

The Water Bureau wants to hear from you to help guide initial decisions that will be made on some of the key aspects of the future filtration plant.

Take the 5-Minute Filtration Survey

Take this 5-minute survey to tell the Water Bureau what matters to you most about the quality of your drinking water and the filtration plant.

Background Information

While water from the Bull Run Watershed is considered some of the cleanest in the nation, it still requires treatment to meet federal standards and to provide additional public health protection.

Last August, Portland City Council held a hearing to discuss options for compliance with a federal rule requiring water treatment for the parasite Cryptosporidium. City Council voted unanimously to direct the Water Bureau to begin planning for a water filtration facility.

Since then, the Water Bureau assembled a team that has started work on the planning for the 10-year filtration project.

Read more about Bull Run water treatment, including project schedules and other information, at

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By Terry Black
Senior Community Outreach & Information Representative
Portland Water Bureau