Board Meeting Agenda 2018-07-16

agendaEliot Neighborhood Association
Board Meeting Agenda
July 16, 2018 6:30 – 8:30 pm
St Philips the Deacon
120 NE Knott St

Open meeting 6:30 pm, Welcome guests, Introductions

Move to accept June Meeting minutes

New business

Meyer Memorial Trust to redevelop 2045 N Vancouver Avenue for a 22,146 sq ft office building. Elisa Ahn

Old Business

  1. ENA project updates
    1. Parking Permit canvassing-canvassing ongoing (“54 signatures so far”), July 21 10am is next canvassing event.
    2. Community Gardening Co-op funding
    3. Dawson Park Concerts-Board will help out in lieu of August meeting
      Aug 9 Eldon “T” Jones & N Touch—Groovy jazz
      Aug 16 EMBRACE—Contemporary Christian and gospel
      Aug 23 Zoulful Muzic—Up-tempo rhythm and blues, jazz, neo-soul, and blues. BPI’s BIG Summer Party and National Night Out
  2. North/NE PSAC, Public Safety and Action Committee (Pension issues)
  3. NECN-Clean Air points to consider for comments due by August 6-see handout
  4. Livability-Team is working with Pac Power and Toyota to improve their citizenship performance and also working on a grant for the Ivy Diverter beautification
  5. LUTC- Metro 2018 Regional Transportation Plan: projects/2018-regional- transportation-plan
  6. Communications- Maggie is sending messages to our
  7. Elections process; October meeting is elections for the whole board; November vote in officers: Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson and Treasurer and Recorder and (sic) Newsletter Editor


Adjourn 8:30 pm