Spontaneous Plutonian Boogie Mural

Spontaneous Plutonian Boogie Mural
Spontaneous Plutonian Boogie Mural

A series of short posts about some of the beautiful murals in and around our amazing neighborhood. 

Rob Lewis is the new artist to paint the mural on the Open Signal building. His project is called astral echoes. It consists of a mural, a visual meditation, and an audio piece made in collaboration with two artists and friends here in Portland, Matt Hayes (film) and Mat Randol (audio).

In Lewis’ words…

Echoes are the messages, stories, spirits, chants, pain, music, beauty, and joy that comprise blackness as a cultural identity. These things are often deeper and more complex than we can truly see/understand and have therefore become obscured, or arrive to us completely broken, cut off from the original source. Expression and thereby art, is in this case, the way in which we apply meaning for the purpose of constructing personal narratives.

The mural is meant to signal our arrival, our intention of beautification. The fragmented visual language contained within the work is informed through research, deconstruction and experimentation.

The title of the mural is Spontaneous Plutonian Boogie and it is rooted in celebrating the concept of transporting ourselves through art to our own space.

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  1. It looks like this mural was removed shortly after this post. The murals on the Open Signal building are temprary and rotate every few months. A new one should be coming soon.


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