Women Making History Mural

Women Making History Mural
Women Making History Mural

A series of short posts about some of the beautiful murals in and around our amazing neighborhood. 

Drive or roll or walk down N Interstate Avenue going south towards the Broadway Bridge. Pass N Russell St. On the right side of the street, at 2335 N Clark Ave., you will spy a vibrant mural showcasing over twenty women and their contributions to communities in Portland.

The mural, titled Women Making History in Portland, was painted in 2007 by artist Robin Cordo and was organized by In Other Words Feminist Community Center, a feminist bookstore and gathering space located on NE Killingsworth. The bottom left hand side of the mural lists each woman’s name and gives a brief description of their work. The women immortalized by this mural were community organizers, business owners, government representatives, artists, poets, attorneys, midwifes, and leaders of non-profits.

Take the time to admire this mural; you will learn about women who have impacted many lives and made Portland a more equitable and livable city.