Board Meeting Minutes 2018-11-19

Eliot Neighborhood Association
Meeting Minutes
November 19, 2018
6:48 – 9:10 pm
St. Philip Deacon Episcopal Church
NE 120 Knott St.

Meeting called to order 6:38pm

The formation of a new subcommittee was proposed. The South Eliot Action Team aims to attend to the concerns of safety, focusing on the portion of the neighborhood south of Russell Street. Drug sales, drug use, prostitution and persistent littering are the types of activities that have prompted the formation of this group. Among their goals are to gather crime statistics for the area, and to form a neighborhood watch. The Chair will be decided at their next meeting on December 8th.

*MOVE to accept the formation of the South Eliot Action Team as a sub-committee of the ENA Board – Maggie Gardner; Jim Hlava seconds; approved.


  • Emanuel Hospital is planning to develop a parcel of land near the Kerby ramp. LUTC is in support
  • Hill Block remains controversial, so conversations are moving slowly
  • Boise / Eliot neighborhood border continues to be a dispute. Many details and ramifications, so goal to put it on a future agenda for full discussions

Jay Rogers, APP Program Administrator, PBOT
The application to define a parking permit border within our neighborhood has been initiated. Each address within the zone will receive one ballot as well as detailed information about permit costs and rules, by Nov 17. The zone proposal will need 60% of it’s residents to vote ‘yes’ for it to pass. PBOT presented some basic information

  • an annual permit will cost $75
  • each household is allowed to purchase as many permits as it has cars
  • guest permits can be purchased in books of 10, for $15
  • parking will be enforced from 7am-10pm, excluding holidays
  • borders defined: South of Sacramento, north of Hancock, east of Williams and west of MLK
  • a small sample of our neighborhood was chosen as a test market – easier to pass vote, and possibly neediest section
  • blocks can annex in or out of zone with a simple vote, provided the overall area still meets minimum size requirements
  • low-income subsidies may be available after a year
  • Jimmy proposes we ask Blazers to pay for low-income residents

*MOVE to create a new officer position for Community Outreach – Jim Hlava, Johnny Engelheart seconds; approved.


  • CHAIR: Jere Fitterman
  • Recorder: Maggie Gardner
  • Treasurer: Jim Hlava
  • Community Outreach: Jimmy Wilson
  • Newsletter Editor: Sue Stringer

*MOVE to accept slate for Board officers – Jere Fitterman, Jim Hlava seconds; approved.

*MOVE to accept October minutes – Jere Fitterman, Sue Stringer seconds; approved.

*MOVE to add two new members to the board: Darren Holcomb and Julio Mendoza – Sue Stringer, Jere Fitterman seconds; approved.

*MOVE to give livability committee $400 to help incentivize adopt-a-block leaders – Jere Fitterman, Sue Stringer seconds; approved.

By Maggie Gardner