Board Meeting Minutes 2019-01-21

ENA Board Meeting minutes Jan 21, 2019
St. Philip Deacon Episcopal Church
NE 120 Knott St

Meeting called to order 6:35pm

Move to accept December minutes with changes: approved

  1. Change Walnut Park location to “Albina Neighborhood”
  2. Remove Sue Stringer from list of attendees

Presentation: Ryan Gallager, neighbor in Sabin/King. Speaking re: Irving park off-leash dog issues.

  • would like to see better adherence to dog leash rules at Irving park.
  • realized through social channels that others have same issues with current norms – many dogs off leash throughout park
  • City enforcement in parks is hard to do (not many resources). Got Nick Fish office involved with a conversation in December.
  • Would like to propose a “Friends of Irving Park” group. Goal for better overall community engagement in the park, including dog leash issues as well as broader ongoing things like communication about events held there, etc
    • Website:
    • He shared a report including an audit of park, signage, etc, as well as proposed solutions
  • He invites any interested neighbors to join him

Presentation: Census update, Census Rep recruiting for help with 2020 census. (headcount, Income, demographic info)

  • call 855job2020 to register to help take the census
  • can be: office work, processing other applications, actual census collectors
  • requirement: 18 +

Discussion/Question: Walnut Park Dinner, Jere leads

  • 80 person shelter – no kitchen, so they need food – both dinners and breakfasts.
  • NECN had a successful volunteer potluck, Jere would like to propose ENA makes similar volunteer effort
  •   time commitment is once a month – between 7-9pm, maybe 4 people sign up
    Motion for ENA to sign up for one month trial commitment, Jere to organize. Not subsidized by board: Maggie. Seconded: Sue


Clean Air – Sherry

  • portland clean air has new report compiled, will be published in 2 months
    • we don’t have a ton of stack emissions, but lots of diesel
    • worst 5% for diesel particulates in the country
    • has a bunch of articles, as well as Linnton newspaper
  • monitors have been purchased to go on peoples bikes, etc, to keep collecting data. More for sale – $250 ea. NECN is going to buy some
  • when information comes out in a few months, they want us to take action – hold industries in the report accountable
  • boards asks Sherry to report to her committee that we want city hall to make a law

LUTC – Brad

  • topics also related to Clean Air
    •   LUTC committee meeting on March 11 will have both sides of the issue present to discuss
    •   going to invite tawna sanchez, lew fredrick and tina cotek
    • Brad will forward email / invites to board
  • Clean Air community forum meeting on Sunday Jan 27th

NECN – Jere

  • Community LIfe is our city org representative now. It is not just geographic neighbors, but cultures. EG: LGBTA, faith-based, etc

South Eliot Action Team – Brad

  • They are organizing a neighborhood watch training, effort to collect more data

Community Relations – Jimmy

  • ONI + Police Bureau meetings less frequent, fewer locations
    • Jimmy challenge them to make it monthly and everywhere again
  • wants to get Danielle Outlaw to come to his church to discuss her vision for the city


Shariff – Inclusivity training

  • been in portland 30years. Written a book, Creating a Place That Works For All
  • not bringing people in from outside, but how do we come together to one place
  • board discusses a smaller group (executive committee or volunteers?) to be involved in next-steps. Jere will send out invite for those interested.

Goals – Board needs to talk about what our goals are for the year

  • Pat: maybe goal to work with other neighborhood associations more. Some board members offer to go to others’ meetings as “ENA ambassadors”

Recap – Meeting with Reverend Franklin Alvey

  • in attendance, Franklin Alvey, Jimmy, Pat, Shireen, Jere, Jim, Sue, Maggie
  • discussed issues around CGC. How it was handled by the board. We had 2 resolutions:
    • we will write letter to Heru asking for the remainder of the money
    • ENA will write a letter of support
  • board still needs to discuss what happens to money that is returned

Meeting adjourned 8pm

In attendance:  Brad Baker, Jere Fitterman, Maggie Gardner, Shireen Hasan, Darren Holcomb, Patricia Montgomery, Johnny Engleheart Noel, Susan Stringer, Jimmy Wilson.