Adopt a Block Update—Changing of the Guard

By Lauren Mullen

Hello Eliot Neighbors, sadly, this will be my last Adopt-A-Block update for the Eliot News as I am moving. The good news is that Jody Guth will be taking on this program. Jody has been a member of the Eliot Community for 30 years! She is a much-loved dog walker whom you have undoubtedly seen around Eliot or Irvington. I met Jody when I was taking my dog, Jazper, on a walk, and the funny thing about that encounter was she was diligently picking up cigarette butts. It was raining, but that was not a deterrent. I thanked her for doing the clean-up and that was when I started picking up trash in earnest on my block.

Long story short, a group of like-minded neighbors, including Jody and myself formed the Eliot Livability Team. Other members are Karla Gostnell, the relentless chairperson, Jere Fitter- man, who chairs the Eliot Neighborhood Association, Matt Morrissey and Angela Benton. Together we have been finding ways to make a great neighborhood greater. That’s how adopt-a-block came to be. We are going strong at 24 members. I would like to recognize and thank our neighborhood adopters: Kim, Maggie, Laura, Pamela, Susan W, Joshua, Jane B., Brian, Christian, Andrew, Stacy, Brad, Monique, Jim, Angela, Carlene, Shara, Corey, Nathan, Sue S., Matt, Jody, Karla, and Jere! Thanks so much!

If you are interested in joining the adopters please contact Jody at 503- 331-1511, or email her at You’ll be eligible to win a $100 gift certificate from New Seasons. The drawings are random and include adopters who have followed through on their commitment. This quarter’s winner is Jane Morse who was one of the first block adopters. She keeps the block of Morris Street between MLK and NE 7th Avenue sparkling clean.