Letter from the Chair

Hey, Neighbor!

What has your Eliot Neighborhood Association, ENA, Board been up to in the last year?

In this time when folks are questioning the form and function of City government, neighborhoods continue with the work of bringing neighbors together around plans, issues, and events that influence their quality of life. The current Board is action oriented. We work to protect the aesthetic, cultural values and diversity of the neighborhood and promote projects, programs, and activities to improve the general wellbeing and viability at the heart of the community (from the ENA Bylaws).

⇒ In 2018 we appointed an Area Parking Permit Committee to protect resident parking from being inundated by commuter and event parking, see that update in this issue on page 3. Also, a new committee, the South Eliot Action Team, whose goal is to “Ensure residents and businesses in the South Eliot area foster neighborly values around cleanliness, safety, and respect”, is forming.

⇒ The ever-ready Livability Team is planning an April litter pick up, see the notice in this issue on page 1. The Livability Team also manages the Adopt-a-Block Program, which now has over 20 regular litter-picker-uppers, announces a new organizer, Jody Guth, jodyguth@gmail.com. The Livability Team continues to work with Friends of Trees, FOT, to increase the number of large street trees to our tree canopy in Eliot. This Spring FOT will plant 12+ large street trees supported by the ENA Board. Also, they were successful in encouraging Toyota to plant big trees along their property, as well as schedule regular litter pick up on their property. By the way, The Legacy Medical Center, Emanuel, will receive and plant 30 trees on Tuesday in the first phase of a larger tree planting on the 50-acre campus, which includes Randall Children’s Hospital and the Legacy Oregon Burn Center. This year and next, up to 150 trees will be planted, see the article on page 10 in this issue for more details.

⇒ Board Member and ENA Community Relations Officer, Jimmy Wilson is working hard to revive the PSAC, Public Safety Action Committee, so that our voice is heard and we have a relationship with public safety officers and offices. Jimmy has also invited Portland Police Chief Danielle Outlaw to come to his church to discuss her vision for the city. That event is set for April 2, 6-8pm at Emanuel Temple Church, 1033 N Sumner. You are invited. And please invite your neighbors. Let Jimmy know if you are coming. He needs a head count. You can email him at jwilsonassoc@yahoo.com

⇒ The Board supported two local gardens to work for under-represented Eliot residents, Albina Community Gardens and Community Garden Co-op.

⇒ And, we can’t forget that ENA ran the Domino Tournament during a concert in Dawson Park, which was organized last summer by the Black Parent Initiative.
Other things to look forward to this year include a mural on MLK at Russell (in planning stages) and ongoing work to improve the diverter on Rodney at Ivy.
This seems to be a time of changing of the guard. Our long-time webmaster is stepping aside and will be replaced by one of our newsletter reporters and Eliot resident, Thursday Bram. Thank you, Clint Lundmark, for your long service and welcome, Thursday. Additionally, our communication outreach board member, Jimmy Wilson, was voted in as Co-Chair at our March meeting. I welcome his insight and leadership as we work as partners to lead the Eliot Neighborhood Association.

If you want to be a part of the community that is Eliot Neighborhood, come to a Board meeting. Meetings are always open to Eliot residents and business employees. April meeting and October meetings are General Meetings, which means any member the Eliot neighborhood, living or working in Eliot and over the age of 14 can make motions, proposals, and vote.

In October we elect the Board members for the next year.

Meetings are the 3rd Monday of the month at 120 NE Knott in St Philips the Deacon Church from 6:30-8:30 pm.