Eliot Neighborhood Association Board Meeting Minutes 11/16/20

Eliot Neighborhood Association

Board Meeting Minutes

Chairs: Jimmy Wilson & Allan Rudwick

Monday, November 16, 2020

6:30-8:30 pm


Allan Rudwick

Jimmy Wilson

Jennifer Wilcox

Sue Stringer

Harrison Osborne

Shireen Hasan

Patricia Montgomery

Johnny Engleheart

Others Present

Deborah Clough (American Red Cross)

Angela Kremer

Meeting began 6:32pm

Welcome & Introductions

Committee Updates

 – LUTC (Phil Conti, Brad Baker, Allan Rudwick) This committee is discussing what is happening on the streets and new developments in the neighborhood. Brad will be the chair and Allan the vice chair. They need new members, and may change the date of the meeting, Jennifer moved the report be approved, Sue seconded, Motion passed. 

 – Diesel Letter: Sue was able to get ahold of XPO logistics and Operations manager in Portland and Clackamas.  Finished editing the letter and sent to Natasha Rich and Harley Fredis.  The letter was both US Postal service mailed and emailed.   Sue is the point person for this effort. 27 organizations have signed onto the letter.   Overlook neighborhood is sending a letter about Union Pacific moving its switching yard.  Allan will send the letter for the board to review if we want to sign on to their letter.  Also discussed signing on to letter for the Linton neighborhood to remove tank farms due to earthquake hazard. 

 – Newsletter: need content for next issue.  If you have any content, need by December 1. Sue is having a difficult time getting ahold of people for content.  

 – Crime: Harrison is the chair, Angela suggested there should be a clear charter for the focus of the work with a clear mission.  She offered to assist Harrison in developing a charter statement. Stanton Street and Ivy street may need to be two separate issues. The group will need to come back with a charter and a suggestion for a committee name

 3. Eliot NA Officer Elections

Need a Chair and Vice Chair or Co Chairs, a Treasurer and a Recorder. May also have a Newsletter Officer. 

Pat moved that Allan and Jimmy remain as co chairs.  Shireen seconded. Motion passed

Allan nominated Sue to be Newsletter Editor. Johnny seconded.  Could we develop a journalism opportunity for a youth at Harriet Tubman on the newspaper?  Angela will look into the possibility. Passed unanimously

Community Outreach: The role of this position is to reach out and connect with the community and to be a point person for people who are interested in presenting to the board.  Johnny nominated Pat, Allan seconded.  Shireen nominated herself, Jennifer seconded. Jimmy pointed out that this position is about putting people first and being a good listener. Pat and Shireen will work together with Pat as the lead. Nominations were amended to include Pat as Lead Community Outreach and Shireen as Vice Community Outreach Coordinator. Passed unanimously. 

Sue nominated Jennifer for the recorder position Shireen seconded. Passed unanimously. 

Allan moved that Sue be Treasurer and in charge of the newsletter. Harrison seconded.  Passed unanimously.  

4.  Approve October Minutes:  Sue moved to approve as corrected. Allen seconded.  Passed. 

5.  Racial sensitivity training proposal

Held executive meeting in October to discuss proposal to spend $2000 on a series of trainings.  The suggestion made by the consultants is for us to pull together as a board and create a go fund me to raise sufficient money for the racial sensitivity training. Then put out an RFP for someone to do the training for the board and the whole neighborhood.  It was suggested that ONI, the Resilience fund, and other foundations would be willing to fund us.  

Action steps:

Sue is willing to email the surrounding neighborhood boards to explore doing this work with them.  

Sue will also send the Blazers info to Pat and Shireen for them to follow up. 

Shireen suggested writing a letter to ONI. 

Jennifer will look for grant opportunities. 

Pat moved we not meet in December and come back in January. Jennifer seconded. Passed unanimously. 

Adjourned 8:30.

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  1. I’m sorry I missed the meeting. After the recent escalations on Ivy St I’ve emailed Joann Hardesty to ask for her help with the uptick of violence, open drug sales and use. I’ve also emailed the city requesting trash cans and a porta potty. I’m tired of cleaning up human feces and our garbage can is overflowing from picking up trash on our street every week. I’m always open to other suggestions and wanted you all to know how I’ve been moving forward with the Ivy St issues. Thanks, Alexis

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