Eliot Neighborhood Association Board Meeting Minutes 2/15/21

Eliot Neighborhood Association

Board Meeting Minutes (submitted by Harrison Osborn)

Eliot Neighborhood Association Meeting – 2/15/2021 Notes

Introductions were given.

Senator Lew Frederick will not be attending due a power outage.

Emanuel Hospital has purchased a quarter page ad in the Eliot newsletter which is a possible opening to greater communication with Emanuel and the ENA. 

Request was made to get a portable bathroom placed at the corner at MLK and Ivy St to help deter public urination.  ENA will look into how we can do this and follow up.

News articles for the newsletter are due soon.  Anybody can submit an article for the monthly newsletter.  Submissions can go to news@eliotneighborhood.org

Emanuel Hospital put up a fence in the lot to the South of Dawson Park.  Suggestion was made to look into additional fencing around the park to help protect the children playing.

There is still a lot of drug activity on Stanton St.  There has not been a lot of traction on any traffic calming measures on Stanton St.  Suggestion was made to engage with all of the city commissioners to see if any engage.

Discussion was held on Dawson Park.  Discussion on the need for more effective engagement with African-American community.  Lack of resources is making the situation worse.  Drug behavior is difficult to enforce. 

Discussion was held on buildings in Eliot and economics behind developers not offering low income housing.  Point was made that additional low income housing is needed to help displaced African Americans.