October 2021 LUTC Minutes


  • Allan Rudwick
  • Brad Baker
  • Jason Cohen
  • Andrew Champion
  • Alice
  • Steffanie I
  • Kathryn Doherty-Chapman


  • Intros
  • Kathryn presentation on PBOT parking study funded by Go Lloyd
  • Study will be around Moda Center, which will become an event district.
  • Intent of study is to have data to understand creating parking surcharges from $1/hour to $3/hour during events where over 10k people will be attending
  • We suggested adding someone from our neighborhood to parking study committee. Brad will be added.
  • Push to add blocks b/w Flint and MLK, San Rafael and Russell. Kathryn will check in with Lloyd to make sure this will happen.
  • Asked about removing parking on Stanton near Dawson Park but didn’t get any response.
  • Discussed Dawson Park/Stanton issue. Andrew is going to draft a letter for us to send to Commissioner Hardesty asking for similar treatment to what Mt Scott received and we’re going to collaborate on a letter to nearby property owners.