Board Meeting Minutes 2007-05-14


7:00 pm Meeting called to order by Pauline Bradford, vice-chair.
Bd Members Present: Howie Bierbaum, Matt Gilley, Jim Hlava, Jennifer Jako, Kirsten Jenkins, Carol Kennedy, Clint Lundmark, Naomi Sacks, Matt Svymbersky, Chris Yeargers.
Neighbors/Others: Brian Fugat, Officer Pete Helzer, Laurie Simpson, Alem Gebrehiwot, Bill Wainwright, Ann.

Minutes from March meeting. Approved as printed.
Announcements: None

Committee Reports:
1)Land Use-
a)419 N Thompson would like to put up a bill board along I-5. LUC will write a letter to city opposing this as it’s too large per code and may block views and right of way.
b)Broadway Toyota is moving it’s service center to 2005 NE MLK
i)Putting off neighborhood attempts to discuss the impact
ii)Neighbors are concerned about test drives and drive throughs
iii)Dislike of rolled barbed wire 6” fence along residential property line
iv)PDC & company money, about $ 20,000 each, was put in for the windows

2)NE Coalition- Pauline
a)Hired an office manager and an outreach worker but still looking for an Executive Director
b)Need Eliot rep for their Land Use committee
c)Need another Eliot rep for Coalition
d)Pauline encouraged all to think about potential grant projects.

3)Spring Clean-Up Report- Chris
8 dumpsters were filled. Some people did dump things after the clean-up. 2 pick-ups full of bikes were collected and donated. 8-9 pick-ups from 6 elderly clients were hauled. Volunteers: VOA 7 volunteers and Julia, also Eliot Bd members. The Dept of Skateboarding offered 15 volunteers but they were not needed at the time. Russell St Barbeque and New Seasons donated lunch and snacks. The event raised about $ 940.
Questions for next year:
1)Should there be higher, lower or the same fees?
2)Should we charge the elderly or not? What should we say about the pick-ups for the elderly when designing the flyer?
3)Should this be a clean-up or focus more on recycling? Computer monitors often wind up as trash but we would be charged to recycle them.

Community Policing – Officer Pete Helzer
1) Stats- 3 homicides in NE in last 2 weeks but not within Eliot
2) Dawson Park- seeing more people and litter
3) Neighbors reported drug dealing- Radio Cab driver drug dealing on William also drug dealing at 229 NE Stanton

Mental Health Workshop and TV Show- Ann
2 workshops being planned about mental illness. Filmmakers would like to produce and record a one hour TV show. The topic is the neighborhood dialogue with Cascadia in a Town Hall-like forum to be broadcast in September or October. There is a grant supporting this project and the work is intended for educational purposes.

Eliot Newspaper-
Tony edits the paper. Eliot Bd wants to make sure that letters to the editor are not presented as representing the Board’s view unless the Board has discussed and approved the content.

Web Site-  Clint
Site has been redesigned. There’s news, Eliot history, articles about the neighborhood, a blog by Tony, development maps, meeting minutes, LUC section, resource links and more on the site. Clint needs content but will maintain the site and is willing to do this on a volunteer basis. The site’s purpose is to provide information about the neighborhood and local news.

Eliot History/Storytelling Event- Jennifer
Held 4/14/07. Great turnout, over 60 people. Cathy Galbraith of the Architectural Heritage Center spoke about the history of people and buildings in the neighborhood. Thanks to Mark Wooley for offering the free space. There is interest in repeating the event next year.

Other/Miscellaneous: Jennifer
-Graffiti clean-up this week. Meet at Jennifer’s at 9am. There are 70 locations to clean. The city will cover whatever the group doesn’t get to do in the time scheduled.

-New Seasons- moving their administrative offices to Eliot at 2004 N Vancouver, 1931 N Williams, 2017 N Williams.
They will be making a parking lot and adding landscaping. They plan to add 5 placards with site history.

Motion to Adjourn offered, seconded. Unanimous approval.