Board Meeting Minutes 2007-08-13

(Minutes taken by Vickie Walker)


7:30 Meeting called to order

Board Members in attendance: Clint Lindmark, Gary Hampton, Howie Bierbaum, Vickie Walker, Eric Aronson, Carol Kennedy, Laurie Simpson

1) Announcements:
Gary- Looking for neighborhood tree liaisons
Clint- Looking for volunteers for Friends of Trees
**Carol made a motion to nominate Clint as the Friends of Trees representative.
He is now the Friends of Trees rep.
Gary- Pdx Street Car Mtgs are open to the public
Interstate Park Committee (responsible for pk. improvements) looking for a rep. Hooper Detox will move into the Ramada Inn.

2) Community Policing:
Pete Helzer reported that the crime rate was down in the month of July.
Tagging needs to be reported. Police keep records of the tags.

3) Committee Reports:
Land Use – WARWICK RESIGNS – need a replacement.
Blueberry Ln. – will finally begin to break ground. PARKING! This is a concern through out Eliot and in many neighborhoods. The city is pushing density and mass transit.

4) Dave Spitzer Architect from Sakura Designs spoke to us about the 2 duplexes that will go up at 436 NE Ivy. They will be three stories high, and will have driveways leading to small one-car garages. He needed a letter from ENDA stating that he had spoken with us about the design. A letter will be written with suggestions for the improvement.

5) Dawson Pk. Master Plan: Provides a vision of the park based on previous community feedback. The following improvements could be made: play area, children’s play fountain, gazebo, create a formal entry with historic interpretive panels, new site furnishings. Joyce would like to donate 1,000 for daffodils (Naturalized.)
6) Paul with the North Wilamette Greenway Trail- would like support regarding the con-struction of a trail connecting ST. Johns with the East bank Esplanade.
motion was made to support the N. Willamette Greenway Trail

8:52 Mtg adjourn