Board Meeting Minutes 2007-09-10


7:00 pm Meeting called to order by Pauline Bradford, vice chair.
Present: Board Members: Eric Aronson, Pauline Bradford, Marie d’Hulst,  Brian Fugate, Jennifer Jako, Kirsten Jenkins, Clint Lundmark, Naomi Sacks, Steve Simpson.

Neighbors & Presenters: Cathy Clemens, Tom Gibbons, Officer Pete Helzer, Gary Miniszewski, Lee Perlman, Rep. Chip Shields, Mike Warwick.

Minutes from May reviewed, correction to spelling of vies to views, approved with correction.
Minutes from June reviewed, approved as printed.
Minutes from July reviewed, approved as printed.
Minutes from August reviewed, correction in first section to: Clint is looking for volunteers and Gary is looking for tree liaisons, approved with corrections.

Nomination of Naomi Sacks to be official recorder, proposed, seconded, passed unanimously at 7:15pm.

a)Cathy Clemens- Theater and workshops projects on mental health/illness and neighborhoods coming up. Supported by NECN grant. Plays in November. Flyers with workshop info distributed.
b)Representative Chip Shields- promoted wife’s new medical practice in Humboldt and asked if anyone had issues for state legislature. No issues raised.

2)Committee Reports:

a)Land Use-reported by Clint and others. Mike Warwick may be resigning. Pauline may become co-chair. Need to recruit for this committee.
i)436 NE Ivy-plans presented asking for exception to make structure less dense than zoning minimum. Not an attractive plan. Land Use to write letter to document required neighbor contact as required.
ii)Hilary McKenzie-confusion about address but will be developing more lots on NE Graham in the 300 block.
iii)Morningstar Church- filed pre-application to rebuild
iv)Grand Central-building behind bakery on Fremont, 5 stories
v)Old Bardy Trophy building at B’way & 3rd-new commercial space, tenant likely to be Remax Realtors
vi)Miracles Club-Al-anon like club- possible plan to expand urban renewal district and create 4 story building to house the club, outside of Eliot, interest by Commissioner Dan Saltzman

b)Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods-reported by Pauline. New director, Joseph Lyons was hired. He plans to come to an Eliot meeting to introduce himself. Re-organizing so that each staff member will be matched with a neighborhood to work on outreach. Next meeting: 9/18/07. Naomi going as possible second Eliot rep.

3)Community Policing- Officer Pete Helzer.
a)No new trends.
b)No info yet on reports of shots fired at 4500 N Williams
c)Pensione Motel is quiet. Cascadia (Mental Health) is putting up some people there.
d)Hooper Detox is likely moving to 10 N Weidler. May be an issue of people waiting to get in. Jennifer would like to send a note to Central City asking them to provider a space for those waiting.

4)Fall General Membership Meeting- Pauline.
Pauline asked for ideas. Jennifer suggested trying to increase business participation in the Eliot Board. Jennifer suggested asking food businesses to provide free samples and information at the meeting, also wondered about an alternate location, possibly the Wooley Gallery. Jennifer said she’d check on the location possibilities.  There may not be enough time for these ideas before the Oct meeting.

5)Dawson Park Master Plan- George L not present, no new info.

6)2007 Neighborhood Small Grants- Pauline. Grant applications available, just need ideas and Gary volunteered to write applications. Grants must benefit residents of NE PDX or our area. Targeted to neighborhood residents, especially those not usually served. One idea is to apply for grant funds to support the Eliot Neighborhood Assn web site.

7)Cosmopolitan Tower- presented by Tom Gibbons & Gary Miniszewski.
New high-rise being planned at Grand and Holladay. 30 stories, small footprint. Parking 1 spot per unit included in plan. Trying for a silver certificate (environmental impact measure). 10% of units have to be under the median income plus 20%.

8)Public Comment? – question proposed by Pauline, how are we doing?
No comment, everything’s good.

Motion to adjourn offered by Pauline. Unanimous approval.