Board Meeting Minutes 2007-12-10

(Minutes taken by Naomi Sacks)


7:00 pm Meeting called to order by Gary Hampton,  chair.
Board Members Present: Pauline Bradford, Matt Gilley, Joan Ivan, Aurora Lora, Clint Lundmark, Naomi Sacks, Jennifer Wilson (co), Ryan Wilson (co).

Neighbors & Presenters: Lee Perlman, Joseph Santos-Lyon.

Minutes from November-unanimously approved with corrections

a) Clint is webmaster of Eliot web site at
b)Gary-Widmer has merged with Red Hook, no name change required for GNA. No impact to neighborhood expected.
c)Pauline- Ladies of St Peter’s Claver Court having mother-daughter tea, Saturday from 1-3pm at Immaculate Heart Church. Call Lady Mary Harvey 503-284-1759 for details.
d)Aurora- Girl’s academy at Tubman were picked to paint a dinosaur at OMSI. Artwork will be on tour in PDX before going to OMSI.

2)Board Business: Clint Lundmark was nominated by Land Use committee as vice-chair. At 8:30 pm Gary made a motion to appoint Clint as vice-chair of Land Use. Naomi seconded the motion. Motion passed with unanimous approval.

3)Committee Reports:

a)Land Use-reported by Clint.
i)House at 18 Tillamook. Buyer has not rehabbed to code. City taking action. Eliot supporting city action.
ii)Emanuel- working on expansion of the children’s hospital, probably 3 stories plus a parking lot, 1-3 yrs for parking structure. Eliot doesn’t have much say except about the design but Emanuel promised to keep us informed. Gary said they are going through some leadership changes and the new president wasn’t previously aware of ENA.
iii)B’way & 2nd- parking lot proposal. Possible issues: drainage & water collection. Currently it’s a gravel lot.
iv)Multi-Craft Bldg- B’way & Flint (triangular bldg), renamed Left Bank building, wants to add doors
v)Glacier NW- concrete company- increasing ramp size

b)Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods-no report but Pauline introduced new director, Joseph Santos-Lyons. Eliot still needs another representative. Jennifer volunteered to go to the next meeting to consider being the second Eliot rep. Naomi will back up Pauline when she cannot attend.

4)Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods –Joseph Santos-Lyons
Joseph provided information about NECN.  Coalition started in 1975. Mission is to support neighborhood boards, has a Youth Gang Outreach program and Rider Advocate program (to address transit issues), gets involved with land use, public education, neighborhood watch groups, small grants program, gun turn in events, citizens committee to police the police, starting public safety action committee. NECN has $400,000 budget, 2 reps from many NE neighborhoods, 5 at large members, 29 members total. Goal is to expand capacity of neighborhood associations.

5)2008 Plan for Neighborhood – Gary. Discussion of ideas for next year.
a)Possible focus on Dawson Park to bring the neighborhood out and together. Possible ideas include movies in the park, 4 concerts in the park (up from 2 last year), Shakespeare in the Park.
b)Park concerts-possible banners for sponsors, PGE would hang them, neighborhood sign maker business may donate them
c)Bring lower Eliot group (San Rafael to Russell, about 35 people meeting at Tiny’s, have phone trees)  interested in neighborhood improvements together with ENA. ENA could help support.
d)Clean-ups- Could do 2 per year
e)Street Fair- Something like Alberta, possibly on lower Russell. Widmer has about 4,000 people out for Oktoberfest (like Rock the Dock)
f)Restaurant Samples fair- similar to Taste of Belmont
g)Newspaper- making money now through ads, may wish to charge for ads on Eliot web site
h)Heritage Marker- would like to see one stress that entering Eliot, historic spots in Eliot

6)Russell St Station Revitalization- Gary
Within next 1-2 years, Russell St will get curb extensions, curb cuts, street trees and lights. Emanuel will shift landscape funds to cover their section.

Motion to adjourn meeting and socialize (Winter Pot Luck) offered by Pauline at 8:03pm. Matt seconded. Unanimous approval.
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