LUC Minutes 2008-01-21


January 2008 Eliot LUC Minutes:

6:35 pm call to order

Present:  Mike, Clint, Kristin, Laurie, Gary, Lee, etc.  –refer to attendance sheet.

LUC Roles and procedures: Members to review these and come to next meeting with comments.  Gary suggested LUC members elected via ENA.

Next meeting: In conjunction with Legacy IMP review

Approved agenda, no meeting notes to review (no quorum @ last meeting)

Legacy IMP:
Their consultant looked through it.
Emanuel neglected to fill their ENA obligation to report every year on their plans
As well as report on their 5 yr comprehensive plan – the new children’s hospital caught the neighborhood by surprise.

The Transportation Management Plan (TMP) has been updated and showed that their plans are not a burden to the neighborhood in terms of parking.  Low impact –only allowed to add 40 beds overall and their current plans only call for 8 beds.

Children’s hospital:  N. Gantenbein @ Morris
Parking lot:  east side of N. Gantenbein.  Adding 440 spaces, 3 levels w/ ability to expand to 880 spaces, 6 levels.
Plans include demo. of existing medical offices and 2 parking lots = 72 spaces.  Installed traffic strips to count traffic.

Cleo Lillian:
CU application to use for other than what it is zoned for, type II process for conversion to medical offices.  Owner listed as Richard Harris.  Rehab from high density residential to non residential use.  Heritage status –landmark commission and SHPO.
LUC agrees it is compatible use.  Clint pointed out that there is an abundance of medical offices in Eliot.  In the past it’s been used as bar and grocer.

Joyce complaints:
1.Fence not attractive/historic.  LUC of with it since it is temporary
2.Don’t like landscaping – no action from LUC on this since on adjacent property
3.The fence shades her garden.  Orientation?
LUC to submit letter of support for Joyce wherw within realm of reason and law.

American Bank Building:
Developer making hospitals and using money to develop this into medical offices.  3 levels, incl. mezzanine and basement.  Clint said the workers create a disturbance (screeching tires) early every morning.  They are preserving McCoy park.

Irvington Neighborhood Update:
3 controversies:
1.  Brad Perkins, 5-plex behind Helen Bernhard Bakery.  He worked with neighborhood to reduce size.
2. Condo north of ‘rose and raindrop’, behind the Victorian bed and breakfast on 15th  Schuyler.  No setbacks, huge building.  A lot of Neighborhood oppostition, huge meeting.  Displaces funky SRO that needs remodeling.  Developer typically does single family suburban development.
3.  Huge bldg. on Thompson and Tillamook on 10th.  Zone CRX.  3 story, 5 unit development A lot of opposition.  Next to house turned triplex and Irvington 4-square.  Devloper does international community housing.  Was 6 units, 2 separate buildings and tunred it into 5 unit, one building (better scale for neighborhood when 2 buildings).  Trying to get zoning changed.

Streetcar:  Density next to line pays for it, so need zone next to line that gives density to pay for it. Broadway/Weidler line; Irvington wants to extend to 33rd w/o increasing density –there is pressure for rezoning.

Point Tower:
Lloyd district 406’ tower @ Hassalo and Grande.  FA=15:1.  FAR intended to indicate how much bldg. can put on property.  Can fill entire site.  Point tower proposes higher and narrower building so not big mass, 80’ x 100’ floor plate.  If take up full block the bldg would be half as tall.

Active storefront uses at street level, flex commercial (12”h x 25’d).

Parking3 levels below grade and 2 levels above flex space.  Streetcar will be on Grande.  Service / loading dock faces Keiser bldg.  Parking = 1 space/unit.  214 units.   Irvington neighborhood  most active in concern for lack of commercial pkg.

Materials: precast conc. to look like sandstone, precast panels @ base.

Schedule:  In design advice currently, not yet submitted for design review. Feb 7 for second DAR (design advice request). If gets through design review, move into CD’s -6 months +/-.  Spring 2009 completion.  Mike W. attended LRS open house after meeting –developer told him tower is on hold- need buyers.

Per floor plate:
(2) 1000sf  2 bedrm units
(6) 700 to 890sf 6 bed units
(1) 435sf studio

Leed silver, maybe gold.

Generally LUC supported project, prefers density in Lloyd district , area can handle density and needs to be revitalized.  Some objection to height –and concern units will not sell.

Lee announcements:
1.  Ruichard Harris, Central City concern –   Moving Hooper Detox to Ramada Inn (all but drunk tank).
2.  City proposes regulated site for migrant workers on Burnside/MLK.  PDC owned site.  Everett –just other side of freeway.  Tents and toilets.  Currently prostitutes, drug dealers.

(minutes taken by Laurie Simpson)