Board Meeting Minutes 2008-01-14

Eliot Neighborhood Association
Board Meeting Notes 1/14/08

I.Meeting called to order at 7:03pm by Chair Gary Hampton, beginning with introductions. Monthly city announcements were passed around.
a. Present: Gary Hampton, Julia Peters, Jennifer Wilson, Jim Hlava, Clint Lundmark, Joan Ivan, Howie Bierbaum, Laurie Simpson, Eric Aronson, Sarah Cloud, Brian Fugate, Naomi Sacks, Kirsten Jenkins, Laurie Shumway (neighbor)
b. Minutes: Gary made a motion to approve the December 2007 minutes. Passed unanimously with corrections.

a.Sarah Cloud: Jeff Bissonette is running for City Council and she’s collecting $5 contributions so he qualifies for city financing.
b.Jim Hlava: Cascadia is in the middle of 3 housing projects, so they are a bit behind and it will be a few months before the advisory group meets.
c.Sarah Cloud: Beech Elementary is having a Winter Carnival on 1/25 from 5:30-8:30.
d.Venue restaurant patrons are blocking driveways and playing loud music late into the night. Clint will call the owner.

III.Committee Reports
a.Land Use Committee: Meets the 3rd Monday of each month at 6:30 in Emanuel MOB West.
1.Property on Tillamook: thought it would have to be fixed, but turns out they don’t have to fix it.
2.Wonder Bakery building is coming down.
3.Ivy will become a thru street.
4.Impact Mitigation Plan at Emanuel: Children’s Hospital addition and parking lot on Gantenbein. It’ll be 135 feet (4 stories), which is a violation of the IMP (100 feet) so they are seeking an exception. It is an interior building that could go up to 3 floors in the future. Two more driveways will go in on Kerby. Construction is beginning (phase 3) without finishing first 2 stages. (This is within their rights because it’s on their own campus.) Parking garage will go up first (3 stories with the ability to go up to 6). They don’t anticipate more traffic, as the present clinic will be lost to this renovation. Vancouver/Williams traffic study will happen. Focus on Russell St. landscaping. Hopefully at the February meeting, hospital representatives will make a presentation.
b.NE Coalition
1.Jennifer Wilson and Naomi Sacks attended.
2.The Coalition has hired a Communications Coordinator and a Cross-Cultural Coordinator in addition to the Director (Joseph).
3.There was a report made on Good in the ‘Hood, which will be June 28-29 this year. It is being sponsored by Washington Mutual.
4.The Mayor’s Office will be at Jefferson HS 1/14-18 (public events).
5.Boeing withdrew their request to increase emissions from their plant. YAY!
6.The Public Safety Commission is looking for volunteers.
7.The new contact at the NE Precinct is Jim Ferraras, and the DA there is Caroline Wong.
8.The Youth Gang program needs money. How to get financial support?
9.They are working on their website.
10.At an Irvington neighborhood potluck, 115 people attended!
11.NE Coalition Board elections are in June, and they’d like neighborhoods to do their elections in May/June so there is a consistent group of reps. (Boise elects in May and new and outgoing members work together over the summer months.) The Coalition Board meets again in September after a summer recess.

IV.Plans for 2008
a.Update By-Laws: everyone agreed to take home bylaws and guidelines around liquor licenses. Bring ideas to the next meeting, at which time a committee will form to adapt them. Decision made to work on one policy at a time (liquor, housing, etc.). Goal is to present the updated bylaws at the spring meeting.
b.Good Neighbor Agreements: they are not binding. Do we need them?
1.They memorialize intentions
2.Are unenforceable.
3.Let you know who “bad” neighbors are (if don’t sign).
4.Let business owners know the ENDA is here and active
5.Create a relationship.
6.Decision was made to continue Good Neighbor Agreements.
c.Dawson Park Gazebo: renovations will happen January-April, 2008.
d.2008 Spring Clean-Up: Gary will ask if Chris will organize it again. We need to look at the questions Chris posed before (Do we need to charge more? No charge for the elderly?). It is the main source of money, along wit the newspaper. Should we do a fall leaves and yard debris clean-up?
e.Outreach/Welcome: Kristen Jenkins will head this subcommittee of taking gifts to new neighbors. Gary will look into getting bags from New Seasons, and Naomi Sacks will help.
f.Russell St. Improvement: 60% of drawings are complete. Parking issues to be addressed, and bike racks at Widmer.
g.Should we change meeting locations? Must consider: safety, handicap accessibility, and that we enjoy the benefits of a professional building (dry erase boards, projectors, etc.).

a.2/16: Neighborhood planting with Friends of the Trees and Cascadia
b.Cascadia: Jim Hlava offered clarity about the front page Tribune article about the audit woes. The charts were 7 years old and an extrapolation was made to exacerbate the findings. There were a few charts that were charged and billed wrong. There were cash flow issues due to coding problems, resubmitting billing and getting paid for services delivered complicated by suspended direct deposit. If you have more questions, please talk to Jim.

VI.A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 8:43pm, seconded and passed by the board.

Respectfully submitted,
~Julia Peters