Board Meeting Minutes 2008-05-12


7:00 pm Meeting called to order by Gary Hampton,  chair.
Present: Board Members: Howie Bierbaum, Brian Fugate, Matt Gilley, Jim Hlava, Joan Ivan, Kirsten Jenkins, Clint Lundmark, Naomi Sacks, Jennifer Wilson, Chris Yeagers.

Neighbors & Presenters: Officer Pete Helzer, Matthew Deschine, Mr. Canada.

Minutes from April- not reviewed as none available.

a)Pile of emails received by Gary was circulated.
b)Jennifer Wilson reported on some union organizing activities around the hospital regarding organizing nurses.
c)Gary suggested Eliot Board discuss if the Board should be involved in politics. Should Eliot court or endorse candidates?
d)Brian Fugate reported Friends of Children is having their annual fundraiser., in prior years some residents have complained of parking issues. Gary said he would follow up with Friends of Children.

2)Committee Reports:

a)Land Use-reported by Clint. No official meeting as there was no quorum.

b)Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods-No report. Eliot reps unable to attend NECN meeting.

3)Community Policing- Officer Pete Helzer.
a)No new trends.
b)Highest volume of car thefts and prowls in city are at Lloyd Center and Emanuel Hospital.

4)Spring Clean-up – Chris Yeagers.
Smaller than previous years, only filled 5 boxes compared to 8 in previous years. Total funds: $ 530.  No huge loads, no haggling. VOA, Mike Warwick, Eric Aronson and Naomi Sacks volunteered at the event. More metal was collected than in previous years.  Possible changes for next year: start later-possibly 11-3 since it’s usually busier later in the day, more signs, make sure newsletter gets out before the event (didn’t happen this year).

5)Neighborhood of the Month- Eliot elected by NECN. Eliot needs to decorate the bulletin board at the NECN office. Brian Fugate volunteered.

6)Dawson Park Gazebo- There was a time-delayed camera recording the restoration. Project is finished. Kick off event will be one of the park concerts. Many participants involved in event organizing including PDC, PDOT, the mayor may speak. Will have balloons, clowns, free ice cream, concert by Patrick Lamb. Date is July 16th.

7)Concert Series- Concerts on July 9- Voodoo Barbeque (New Orleans music), July 16- Patrick Lamb (smooth jazz), July 23-Aguamiel (Cuban). If you’d like to volunteer to assist with organizing or at concerts, contact Gary. Bd suggested any vendors or booth sponsors be asked to bring recycling bins, especially if they are giving out free water in plastic bottles.

8)Cascadia Update- reported by Jim Hlava. Cascadia has financial troubles and will be re-organizing, perhaps break up. About 300 staff have left. Unclear affect on Garlington Center housing project. The market study will be completed: all else is unknown at this time. Loans have only extended financial support for next 60 days, after that, future unknown at this time.

9)Why Not Portland- discussion with Matthew Deschine-Field Director. This is a city ballot initiative to fund health care for uninsured children in Portland. He reported the funding would cover approximately 9,000 uninsured children, deductible for the program would be $ 7500. Coverage would include access to primary care and catastrophic care coverage with no exclusions for pre-existing conditions. All currently uninsured students could be covered without a waiting period, new students would have a short waiting period.  Ballot asks for $ 8 million of city funding, later 66% of costs would be covered by the school districts. If district was unable to pay, they could opt out. Hope is that insurance would persuade families with kids to move to PDX. Matthew requested Eliot Board endorsement. Bd and others had many questions and concerns (initial city funds, availability of school funding after, which families need this, origin of numbers unclear, admin costs to schools in first years, Portland Public Schools hasn’t endorsed) and declined endorsement at this time.

10)PDC Grant- to apply for grant, must show partnerships and support by local neighborhood associations.  Proposal from people next to Waypost, asking if Eliot will support turning parking lot into a park. Access would only be through the Waypost when the place is open. They also planned a 6 ft fence around it. Not clear how this would really be a park. Speaker may come to a future Eliot Bd meeting.
Another request for endorsement came from Alum, owner of Queen of Sheba restaurant, asking for Eliot endorsement for Liberty Hall property. This property is in Boise and Boise has endorsed. No need for Eliot.

Motion to adjourn offered by Chris at 8:28pm.  Seconded by Brian. Unanimous approval and adjournment at 8:30pm.

(Minutes taken by Naomi Sacks)