Board Meeting Minutes 2008-06-09


7:02pm    Meeting called to order by Gary Hampton, chair.

Board Members present:  Pauline Bradford, Joan Ivan, Julia Peters, Clint Lundmark, Howie Bierbaum, Gary Hampton, Kirsten Jenkins, Brian Fugate, Matt Gilly

Neighbors and presenters:  Officer Pete Helzer, Lee Perlman, Mike Warwick, Ospie Canada, Alcena Boozer, Sharon Stein, Michelle Haynes, Anne Muller, Tamara Olcott, Michael Montgomery

Minutes:  Will approve next month (no copies present).

1.City Announcements were passed around and voiced below:
a.VOA Block Party will be August 19 from 4:30-7pm with lots of food, music and games for the kids.  All are welcome!
b.Pauline is selling raffle tickets for two causes.  See her if you’re interested.
c.Check out the website at
d.Rock on the Dock proceeds will go to the Concerts in the Park, and there is hope for six concerts next year.  Good job, Gary!
e.The grand celebration for the gazebo will be July 16.  Gary proposes a VIP tent for sponsors and asks for Board member help/participation to run it.

2.Community Policing with Officer Pete Helzer
a.Crime was down again for an average of 1.3 incidents/day for the month of May.
b.32.5% of crimes in Eliot were on Emanuel’s campus.
c.47 NE Tillamook is getting cleaned up.
d.Joan Ivan reports a mobile home/blue van parked and camping in front of 26 NE Stanton.
e.There are many pairs of sneakers draped over 9th and Prescott.
f.Contact if you have questions.  He’s now on Auto Theft detail, but can track down answers to your questions.

3.Grant Warehouse:  Six RFP’s have been sent in by developers.  There will be a meeting Wed., 6/11 to vote on the best proposals.  Matt Gilly asks ENDA to not support two proposals as they are special needs.  The other four are to build 30-40 affordable condos (under $150,000).

4.Committee Reports
a.Land Use:  There was not a quorum, so the meeting was not “official.”  They discussed a new ramp at the Title Wave and Emanuel’s IMP.  Also, the Portland Plan process (an influential, 3-year process) is beginning.  Keep an eye on the Columbia River Crossing Project.  You can make comments at  Weigh in on the Portland Streetcar in NE.
b.NECN:  Out for the summer.

5.Curbside Recycling: Tamara Olcott and Anne Muller
a.Portlanders are good at recycling:  we currently recycle 55% of what is recyclable, but waste is increasing.  The city is introducing new bins (green for yard debris, blue for recycling) that should be delivered to your house in May and June.  They hope recycling goes up 20-50% with the new bins for a 0% growth in the waste stream and that recycling will hit 75% by 2015.
b.Specifics of the bins:  Wait until it’s full to take it to the curb.  Garbage does NOT go in bins.  No plastic lids or plastic bags.  Put metal lids in cans and crimp the top.  Ball up foil.  Put shredded paper in a paper bag to contain it.  No freezer boxes coated in wax.  Glass goes in its own container on the side.  Motor oil goes in a clear container with a lid (like a mile jug).  Hopefully, curbside food composting will begin in two years.
c.Call Metro at 503-234-3000 about recycling items that can’t go in the bins.

6.Deacon’s Place Housing Project
a.St. Philip’s came to an ENDA meeting 2/20/07 after purchasing the house next door with their hopes to develop it. They are concerned about older folks getting priced out of the neighborhood and hope to keep these vital members of the community in place through this project.  The property in question is 130 NE Knott and is 7500 sq. ft.  It is zoned RH.  The church would sell the property to REACH, who would manage it.
b.REACH owns and manages low-income housing.  They do all the screening and have on-site day managers.  A resident gets a stipend for a position similar to night manager.
c.The proposal:  3.5-4 stories, 20-22 units for folks over 62 and/or the disabled who make 30-50% under the median income.
d.Concerns:  Very limited parking.  It is against ENDA by-laws to have more special needs groups in the neighborhood.
e.St. Philip’s and REACH will keep ENDA apprised of any developments.  REACH expects to hear if they will receive the federal grant in October.

Motion to adjourn meeting at 9:08pm from Julia, seconded by Joan.  Unanimous approval.

Respectfully submitted by Julia Peters, ENDA Recorder, 6/10/08.