Board Meeting Minutes 2008-11-10


7:04pm Meeting called to order by Gary Hampton, chair.

Board Members present: Joan Ivan, Julia Peters, Clint Lundmark, Gary Hampton, Jim Hlava, Laurie Simpson, Pauline Bradford, Eric Aronson, Brian Fugate, Julie Woelfer, Penelope Miller, Nathan Miller, Thomas Liddy, Kirsten Jenkins

Neighbors and presenters: Lee Perlman, Angela Goldsmith, James Reddick from the Portland Sentinel

ENDA Board September Minutes approved unanimously.

1.City Announcements were passed around and Public Comment voiced below:
a.There will be a free Thanksgiving meal from 12-4pm on 11/27 at Pauline’s church (across from Dawson Park)—all are welcome.
b.Clint needs more content for our neighborhood website,, as does Tony Green for our newspaper. If you’d like to write news or add a blog, please talk to Clint.
c.December 5th-7th will be a big sale on Broadway.
d.Another Friends of Trees planting will happen on 2/14/09. Place an order by mid-December. Volunteers are also needed. Talk to Clint if you’re interested. Cascadia offers their parking lot for use.
e. Cascadia Garlington Center fell victim to an intentional fire in mid-October. The arson is still under investigation and damages are estimated at $600,000-$800,000. It will take 4-6 months to re-open. During that time, clients are being transported off-site. The Cascadia server and medical records were lost but all was backed up except for the last 2 days of records.

2.Community Policing with Officer Pete Helzer
a.Officer Helzer was not present. He is applying for different roles in the police bureau—we’ll wait to see what happens. We miss you, Pete!
b.Contact or 503-823-5700 if you have questions.

3. Committee Reports
a.Land Use: Meets Monday 11/17 at 6:30pm at Emanuel MOB West Conference Room.
b.NECN: Pauline Bradford and Naomi Sacks will continue to represent ENDA.
c.NECN Land Use: Laurie Simpson represents ENDA.

4.Executive Board Election: The following folks were unanimously elected to the following positions. Thanks for your continued service!
a.Chair—Clint Lundmark c. Recorder—Julia Peters
b.Vice Chair—Gary Hampton d. Treasurer—Kirsten Jenkins

a.Emanuel: Boards were put up and were promptly covered by tagging. The boards have been taken down and now replaced by metal fencing. A discussion ensued about the plans and design of the new children’s hospital building and it was noted that Emanuel has boundaries to their growth, in accordance with ENDA.
b.Trimet: The 6 line will stay on MLK. Yay!
c.Trillium Charter School is putting a rooftop garden up. Thus, their community garden at Thompson and Williams will need a new caretaker. Angela offered the recommendation of a “bike farmer.”
d.The old dry cleaners across from Pizza A Go Go will be taken down and the top 15 feet of dirt removed. Concerns were raised about the environmental impact. The owners would like to put up high end condos, but don’t yet have a plan/design/architect/contractor. The owners may come to the December meeting to get feedback and answer questions.

6.Next meeting: Monday, December 8 at 7pm. Holiday potluck. If your last name begins with the letters A-H, please bring a dessert to share. If your last name begins with the letters I-Z, please bring a main dish to share

Motion to adjourn meeting at 8:04pm from Gary, seconded by Kirsten. Unanimous approval.

Respectfully submitted by Julia Peters, ENDA Recorder, 11/11/08.