LUC Minutes 2009-09-21

Eliot Land Use Meeting Notes
Date: September 21, 09 6:30 pm
Present: Mike, Kristin, Pauline, Clint, Laurie
Prepared by: Laurie Simpson

Thomasina (IMP representative) discussed the new children’s hospital (under construction) and new utility plant building (recently submitted for permit). The children’s hospital exceeds the IMP’s 150’ height limit and the utility plant violates the IMP’s 10’ set back.

The City has approved the request to increase the height of the new children’s hospital from 150’ to 175’. A diagram was distributed that compares this new height to the maximum allowable heights along Williams and Vancouver  (100’) and within the IRd zone, which the hospital property is part of (75’). The building was deigned to take extra stories and will be adding two additional floors above the 8 designed. Floor to floor heights increased as well (with ventilation equipment). The existing wing has double occupancy and will change to single as they add equipment, the net gain in beds is small – 43 beds (private rooms) if entire floor has beds. A full blown traffic study was completed and demonstrated no significant traffic impact on the neighborhood.

The new central utility plant is a new single story building that will house the mechanical equipment (boilers, chillers, emergency generators, cooling towers). To mitigate the setback violation, the design proposes a significant amount of storefront windows to add visual interest to the pedestrian. Emmanuel also sent money to the city for the Russell street improvements (intersection of Russel and Kerby). The exterior walls are board formed concrete, colored glass, and boxed rib metal panels.

Clint raised concern for a hodge podge of designs on campus and lack of consistency.

Next meeting will be 5:30 October 12, 2009