Breadwinner Cycles and Café

Hey Eliot friends! I’m one of the owners of Breadwinner Cycles and Café on Williams at Page St (one block south of Russell). We have been making custom bicycles for many years, and about a year ago opened a cafe adjacent to our shop. I’m reaching out to just let you all know that we are here. We’re not in the thick of the busy retail part of Williams and we have parking, making it a convenient place to stop, but also easy to miss. Our menu has breakfast and lunch items, coffee and espresso from Water Ave, and beer and wine, all with a view of our little bike “factory.” We’d love to have more neighborhood friends stop by, whether you are into bikes or not, so please think of us next time you are looking for a treat close by. Thanks!

Breadwinner Cycles and Café
2323 N Williams Ave.

By Tony Pereira

Hill Block: Visioning to Heal the Past

The healing: In August of 2017, Legacy Health joined the City of Portland and Prosper Portland (formerly Portland Development Commission) in announcing a collaborative effort to develop a vacant 1.7-acre block on the Legacy Emanuel Medical Center property. This land once housed the Hill Block building and was considered the heart of the Albina business community where many African Americans resided in nearby homes until urban renewal came in the 1960s. Though vacant for nearly 50 years, this plot of land still evokes painful memories for many African Americans who still talk about the unfair destruction and loss of their community.

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Albina Cooperative Garden Seeks New Members

Albina Cooperative Garden

Community gardens and cooperative gardens, despite sounding like they offer the same service, differ in essential ways. Community gardens rent plots of land to individuals and those individuals tend to their plot and only to their plot. In a cooperative garden, members share the plots. That means making decisions, planting, and harvesting food together.

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The Hill Block Project Update

Vacant Land at Williams and Russell

A Community-led Effort to Develop the Vacant Block on the Legacy Emanuel Campus

On August 1, 2017, Prosper Portland, the City of Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, and Legacy Health announced a collaborative project to develop the Hill Block property.  All three have agreed to work together to facilitate a community-driven process that will determine a community vision and development proposal for the vacant site.

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Development Plans for Hill Block lot

Legacy CEO and president, George J. Brown, M.D
Legacy CEO and president, George J. Brown, M.D

Legacy Health has joined the city of Portland and Prosper Portland in a collaborative effort to develop a vacant 1.7-acre block on North Russell.

The development process is aimed at engaging the people in the community impacted by displacement and will include medical care services, affordable housing and community amenities.

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Winter Activity – Portland’s Culinary Workshop

A series of posts about winter activities to keep you busy until spring featuring exciting business and organizations located in and around our amazing neighborhood. 

Want to sharpen up your cooking skills, hone the skills you have or  learn to make international cuisine?  Well, right in our neighborhood at Portland’s Culinary Workshop you can take classes from the most basic knife techniques and the principles of baking to more advanced classes or classes for couples all in a relaxed environment with skilled professional chef instructors.  They also offer team building classes for your employees such as Pasta from Scratch or even private group classes.

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Portland’s Jazz Scene Yesterday and Today

Williams at Russell 1937
Paul’s Paradise, was around the corner at 19 N Russell Street—now a grass lot. Photo courtesy of Portland City Archives

In the early 1940s, Floyd Standifer could be found playing his trumpet to the hills. He would listen as the sound came echoing back. This was the way, in the farmlands outside of Gresham, he worked on perfecting his tone. However, he also learned a lot from Williams Avenue in Portland.

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Widmer Brothers Brewing

Widmer Sign

In 1979 home brewing was legalized in Oregon. Kurt and Rob Widmer, having trouble finding a beer that they liked in Portland, decided to embark upon the adventure of making beer for themselves and friends. Five years later, they decided to turn their hobby into a career and cobbled together funds to open their brewery.  They scrounged up parts and opened in an industrial space in what now is the Pearl District.

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Update: 7th and Russell

7th and Russell
Proposed development on 7th and Russell

Dan Neal, developer from Paradigm Properties in Eugene, has notified the neighbors around NE 7th and Russell that excavation will begin shortly for the development of the 6 story building that has been planned to be built among the single family homes on the border of Eliot and Irvington neighborhoods.

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Growing Food and Community

Eliot is home to two cooperative gardens offering opportunities to learn how to grow amazing produce, meet wonderful neighbors, reap the benefits of the harvest, as well as give back to your neighbors in need. Unlike community gardens, where everyone has separate plots which are rented for a fee and planted, tended and harvested by the individual gardener, in cooperative gardens members make decisions, work, plant and harvest together.

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Demand Redesign at City Council

Demand Redesign supporters at City Council
Demand Redesign supporters at City Council

Two representatives from the steering committee of Demand Redesign, Susan Stringer and Montse Shepherd, presented a statement to city council on Wednesday, January 28th regarding the development by Dan Neal of Paradigm Properties at NE 7th Avenue and NE Russell Street.

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Last Ditch Appeal for 7th and Russell

7th and Russell
Proposed development on 7th and Russell

The repeated appeals from Demand Redesign to developer Dan Neal of Eugene-based Paradigm Properties to scale back his project at 7th and Russell have fallen on deaf ears. Mr. Neal is not willing to reduce the height of the building or alter its shape by creating setbacks on the south and west sides. If the project goes forward as designed, it will be an out-of-scale eyesore that will impact infrastructure, compound the parking problems in our neighborhood, and create traffic safety issues and congestion for residents in Eliot and Irvington.

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Petition for Redesign at 7th and Russell

Proposed development 7th and Russell
Proposed development 7th and Russell

At the July Eliot Land Use and Transportation Committee meeting Paradigm Properties, along with a designer, architects and a lawyer presented plans for a 8 story building on the corner of 7th and Russell. The packed room, filled with residents from both Eliot and Irvington neighborhoods, universally agreed the building is way too tall and large for that location.  Impacted residents have started a petition.

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